Sunday, October 30, 2011

Madonna by Richard Corman



  1. Those eyes say it all! Gorgeous!

  2. It was all about the eyes. And that smile. And that beauty spot (which I miss seeing - bring it back I say).

    I've always been curious about the little bump on the right of her mouth. Sometimes you noticed it, sometimes you didn't.

  3. @ Dontlookback, it's a scar from a mole she had removed when she was a child. When you look at babypictures of her, you can see it.

  4. All fans knew that! Well, long-term fans, not the Ray of Lighters ;)

    She looks fresh here!

  5. Does anyone know the reason why she got rid of the mole?

  6. @Joshua: probably for the same reason Enrique got rid of made her feel (most likely) very self conscious and unattractive. I don't blame her.

    I have a mole on my upper lip in the exact same spot, but I never liked it. My beard covers it up now anyway.

    I love this shot. So young, so fresh, such big open eyes...the world was still a big adventure for her...and she had the hear of a lion, waiting, and ready to conquer it.

    The stars aligned for the young girl we see here. She was lucky, but so are we. Because we got what eventually became the incredible Madonna. And when she's glorious, she shines brighter than anyone else out there.