Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madonna Has the Same Celebrity Staying Power Status as Marilyn Monroe: Harvey Weinstein

Madonna cultured the culture.

At the world premiere of My Week With Marilyn, when asked to name which modern celebrity would have the everlasting longevity like Marilyn's Harvey Weinstein replied, "Madonna". He added, "Madonna is Marilyn Monroe with women's emancipation".

While Madonna never played the vulnerable lost lamb, she is The Stud. She plays it like a man does. On her terms.



  1. I agree Pud! I think Harvey is right on too BUT Madonna proved her staying power decades ago. Now with everything being so instant and over exposed and forgotten in seconds The newer type so called "stars" have to find new ways to hold their mystery and longevity. a Marilyn or Madonna to me were born with it. I dont think i can name a star that has come close to Madonna or Marilyn in that regard.
    As Madonna grows and gets older she cleverly knows what career choices to make. Think about it aging Sex symbol Icon that still looks stunning at 53, goes against everything Hollywood and pop media stands for BUT Madonna is a bad ass driven tough as nails women. She goes after what she wants and thats why we love her! A REAL STAR!!!

  2. PS. I LOVE THESE TWO PHOTOS TOGETHER! Nobody did Marilyn like Madonna. she still kept us fascinated with Marilyn and not forgotten. rather then steal or direct copy a like a lady putrid thing that i wont mention in the same comment sentence with our two goddesses!
    M&M forever SEX!

  3. 'rather than steal or direct copy'... i love how you justify it to suit you.

  4. Madonna's career definitely surpassed Marilyn's a long time ago.

  5. How long was Marilyn's career? 5 years or so?? C'mon now.

    Like with Gaga, it was all about the time she came out. Gaga with youtube, itunes, facebook, twitter, etc.

    All about the timing!

  6. @Tony: Marilyn Monroe had a film career of 15 YEARS, and in that time she did some of the best films in history, won two Golden Globe awards, a BAFTA and a David Di Donatello award, and pioneered the rebellion of film stars against the old studio system, with the creation of her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, which was an unparalled and unfathomable feat for an actor to do at the time, amongst other great achievements so let's not diminish Marilyn's career shall we?

    Speaking as a Marilyn Monroe fan, I must say that the only woman to ever succesfully recreate Marilyn's style has been Madonna.

    Every other Marilyn homage has been vomit inducing and ridiculous, most insultingly, Christina Aguilera's Marilyn phase, which was fucking horrendous, I mean the girl never remotely got it.

    The reason why Madonna's Marilyn phase was successful in contrast to others' failures, was that Madonna brought something NEW to the table.

    Madonna took Marilyn Monroe's iconography, which was a symbol of love and desire, twisted it on its head and presented it as a symbol of strenght and assertiveness of women's sexuality, not as a mere object for male satisfaction, but as a potent and intoxicating female empowering element of womanhood.

    In other words, Madonna gave women back their vaginas, which had been basically removed by feminists who believed feminity was a male construction and couldn't exist outside of the boundaries of male chauvinism.

    Madonna's use of Marilyn's iconography is one of the most revolutionary and social forwarding experiments ever done by an artist, let alone a woman, in the XXth Century, and if there has been any advancement in gender equality, and believe me, people like Lady Flopga have taken it backwards, it's due in great part to Madonna.

    I don't mean to shoot myself on the foot but I think the only one that could be on Madonna's level of pure feminine freedom would be Elizabeth Taylor, who lived her life strictly by her own rules and enjoyed everything in it but without compromising her femininity, without ever not being a lady, so to speak.

    Madonna made it ok to be a woman, made it ok to be gay.

    Sadly, such insurmountable achievement has since been forgotten, atrophied and attributed by and to worthless caricatures of self expression like Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

    Marilyn Monroe was also a strong woman in her life but her iconography told a different story. Madonna's iconography was definetely more truthful and equally or even more important.

  7. lol@ramon.

    I don't think Monroe was known for her acting lol.

    More again for the era she came out in and was super sexy.

  8. @Tony oh she wasn't known for her acting?? God what an idiot you are.

  9. @Ramón H.

    I think you got this spot on. I couldn't wouldn't have said it better.

  10. I'm an idiot? How many oscars does Marilyn have?? She was NOT a good actress. Sorry.

    Dip shit.

  11. @tony so having an Oscar is an absolute indicative of talent?? Just like having number ones on the music charts means you're a genius?? please.

  12. @tony, have you ever commented in a post without prolonging an argument by putting your fingers in your ears and going, "LALALALALA I DIDN'T HEAR THAT, LOL" or insulting somebody else's opinion...or both? seriously, what is it with you? just curious.

  13. @Jeremy lol, glad I'm not the only one who notices how much on an idiot Tony is. He's sad, NONE of his arguments ever make sense.

  14. Also, Marilyn was very serious about developing herself as a serious actress, and I believe that, had she lived, she would've eventually won an Oscar. After all, when she died she had already won the top best actress awards at the BAFTAS and David Di Donatello, as well as two Golden Globes, I don't think a Best Actress Oscar was that far away for her.

  15. lol@ramon for calling ME out on arguing, being an idiot and not making sense.

    Pot meet kettle.

    @jeremy, ramon, Maar, and several other people here post negative things all the time and it's annoying, so I do it back to them when they try and say something positive about someone else to show them how it feels and this post proves it.

    Glad it worked. :)

  16. Also, Marilyn always played HERSELF. THAT'S what people loved. Same with Madonna playing Susan. Susan WAS Madonna, which is why that was about the only acting role that has ever worked for Madonna.

  17. tony, monroe had range. from clash by night to dont bother to knock to gentlemen prefer blondes to the misfits. all different and she was beyond fabulous.

  18. @tony, you said:

    "@jeremy, ramon, Maar, and several other people here post negative things all the time and it's annoying, so I do it back to them when they try and say something positive about someone else to show them how it feels and this post proves it.

    Glad it worked. :) "

    how very mature of you. and nice passive-aggressive smiley.

  19. @Jeremy - the village idiot is conducting a very serious social experiment here, and guess what... "it worked" WOW! SERIOUSLY!?!

    anyways, Ramon nailed it!!! and yes Pud, Marilyn had powerful range but like M she carefully crafted her image as the Blond Bombshell because she was smart enough to realize the power of seduction. She seduced her audiences with passivity, while M has always commanded control. My favorite Marilyn film has always been Niagra.. she played it vulnerable and desperate, yet conniving as hell.

  20. And Madonna is an excellent actress as well. She has a Golden Globe! OMG!!!!!!!1111!!!!

    Oy Vey

  21. And Madonna was not the only one to get down the Monroe persona: Anna Nicole had it down PACT.