Monday, October 17, 2011

Madonna in her Norma Kamali Bathing Suit

We all know the fabulous leopard print Norma Kamali bathing suit from the 1985 Rolling Stone where Madonna was frolicking around Hawaii. But here she is wearing that swimsuit for actual swimming in Japan '85!!!

I posted these pics in poor quality a few weeks ago. Here's the other of her All Dressed Up (Oh, Martha) after her swim.


  1. Any post or re-surface of this bathing suit gives me chills. I had the poster on my wall. It was my version of the Farah Fawcet red swimsuit poster. Madonna Hawaii shoot is one of my favs forever. Street sex girl on the beach? AMAZING! Norma should re-issue this swimsuit!

  2. couldnt agree more 39ba'kdjhfjahfuckmyholekhoptr;67adhdsjhfasdk. except farrah wishes. norma should reissue that suit - its a CLASSIC!!!

  3. I think the bathing suit pic is BY FAR the sexiest official photo ever released of her. I mean HOT STUFF.