Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madonna New Album News : First Single Name : Give Me All Your Love with M.I.A & Nicki Minaj!!!

Super Bowl, Harper's Bazaar, W.E. & More!!!


  1. LOVE M.I.A., LOVE Nicky... cheerleading/superbowl/new album/ballad for W.E... so much good news in one posting!!! YAY!!!

    2012 is going to be an EPIC MADONNA YEAR!

  3. Everything but the nicki part sounds amazing! I always thought Nicki was a weird al for R&B, you know, a parody, but supposedly she is SERIOUS! lmao.

  4. Can't say this rocks my boat. More gimmicky collaborations? Can't wait for the album but Madonna is at her best when she stands alone. Will reserve judgement but after 'Britney feat Madonna' and 'Madonna & Justin' I smell a turd.


  6. I agree with Dontlookback.. is the only way for her carrier to survive is if she is collaborating with some new young artist? I'm surprised at her. She did this the last album. Justin, Kanye Timbaland.. I thought she hates doing things twice? All I know had better NOT be another hip hop mess. And WHY the fragrance? WTF? She's not rich enough? Celebrity scents always got on my tit's an even tho they rake in millions I always respected her for NOT selling herself out in this way. What's next? A 2 year stint at the Grand ballroom at Caesars Vegas? - The news is NOT that awesome.

  7. I'm feeling optimistic about all this. At least JT and Timberland aren't least I hope they're not lol

    If Madonna ever went to Vegas I would die!

  8. Why is Madonna doing this? When is the last time that Madonna had a hit single that didn't relay heavily on another artist? Even hung up was like 70% Abba. I just don't get it.

    The last thing Madonna needs right now is another collaboration, and another dance album. Enough. She needs to get back to the ART. She needs to reclaim artistic pop and the music video from that troll bitch Gaga, who young people credit with the art of music video, fucking stupid imbeciles.

    I don't know what she's doing, it's so weird.

  9. RAMON - STFU! when was the last time elizabeth taylor had a hit movie that didnt rely on a good director? SHUT IT.

  10. good news so early in the morning! i lurv it! oh my god..excited for the ballad as much as the new album!

  11. First of all these are all rumors!!!! How many ridiculous rumors have we read about her lately??? from introducing Janet Jackson at the vmas to having a homeless brother. Lately Madonna has been part of the craziest rumors. The media must need her so bad!!!

    But regarding her "new single". I like that she's using another unknown french dj to produce her record. Again, if this is all true.

  12. Ugh, excuse you, the story about her brother is not a rumor he truly is homeless!

  13. OMG geeez! why are all the Madonna fans such skeptics and sad sacks on here?
    Its a rumor but a good one! Madonna to work with M.I.A would be genius!
    All of it is soo good!
    Ramon, I love you most when you go off on Lady Who!

  14. Madonna's people never confirmed the homeless man is her brother. One crazy lady used to call up howard stern, she would call as her sister.

    The point I'm trying to make is all these blogs have been throwing stories about her new album for the last two years. So, lets not all judge on her new music because it might not be true. I doubt she even has time to do any studio work or writing sessions, because she's promoting W.E.

    Like I said again the media must be desperate for her. Which will make her new release even more exciting. I must say I love this anticipation. Brings me back to the "like a payer" days :)

  15. lol@Ramona thinking all the US teens know that the sample in Hung Up is Abba lol.

    I'm 33 and had NEVER heard that abba song in my life.

    And if madonna is a fan of nicki and mia, whom i know nothing about, then she can work with them. madonna doesnt make music for her fans lmao. she makes music with whom SHE likes.


  16. duh @ you tony who didn't even know gimme gimme gimme by ABBA. That just outs you as retarded and completely ignorant, and everything you say is bullshit.

  17. I'm on the fence with this one. Will judge when the single is released. But I HATE the idea of a "fragrance". So lame. Come on M. Leave that for the wannabes.

  18. @Ramón H. your allegations are not realistic at all.

    First of all, how premature of you to imply this new song will "rely heavily on another artist". Have you heard the song? Tell us about it... Oh! You haven't? So you're just making bitchy predicaments on a song you haven't heard?

    I couldn't disagree more about "Hung Up" and "4 Minutes".

    Although "Hung Up" contains a characteristic sample from ABBA, and it sticks to your mind, the ABBA-free version of the song is still catchy and great. Many people do not even realize that the version played in the Motorola ad does not contain the ABBA element unless you point that out, that's how "heavily" it relies on ABBA.

    So just check for yourself, go to YouTube and search for the "Motorola Rokr" ad. Being the smart business woman she is, Madonna played the version of "Hung Up" without the ABBA sample - that way, she didn't have to pay them royalties.

    And no one who ever listened to the words of "4 Minutes" would ever say it relies on another artist. It's pure Madonna. Hopefully, you're not talking about the beats, are you?
    Madonna worked with William Orbit because she wanted to make music with his sound. She worked with Mirwais because she wanted to make music with his sound. She worked with Timbaland because she wanted to make music with his sound. There's no difference between their collaborations, except that half the world knew the names of the producers of 4 Minutes. And as a "collaboration", you can clearly identify traces of all the parties involved.

  19. I'm very excited about the news.

    M.I.A is fabulous. She has been saying nice things about Madonna for years and she is also edgy in her own way. The idea of a collaboration between her and Madonna is very exciting.

    Other unrelated rumors about Madonna's new album is that it has elements of world music and dance mixed together. M.I.A has done that before (she embraced the Brazilian "Funk Carioca" in her music years ago). So did Madonna with her middle Eastern elements in the Ray of Light era. I guess putting their creativity together plus Martin Solveig and Nicki Minaj is thrilling.

    The fact that Madonna's daughter recently said she loved Nicki Minaj just makes me think that this collaboration is more the result of an organic interest than just a business transaction. I wouldn't be surprised if Lola introduced the rapper's work to her mom. Not to mention than last year Minaj said she wanted to work with Madonna one day. So there you have it.

    At the end of the day, Minaj is a good rapper (I'm not even fond of rap and hip-hop), M.I.A is edgy and Madonna is determined to create a new sound. It all sounds very good to me.

  20. Oh Linda you are great, but ignore Ramona! He thinks ABBA were an US band. *burp*

  21. of course we can judge rumours. we don't have to wait to hear the finished product to have an opinion on a collaboration.

    my opinion - when i hear m.i.a and nicky minaj with madonna i think, oh there's madonna trying to be cool again. i felt the same with FT, timba and pharrell too.

    Linda Loira e Japonesa - i think you're looking at it on a very surface level, which is fine, but personally i don't just enjoy madonna's music for the sound of it - there has to be integrity to it. if you want a mcdonalds hamburger go listen to britney. i'm looking for something more nutrituous from our girl. music means way too much to me. i want her to live and breath the stuff, but it seems her style lately is squeezing it in to her schedule not clearing the schedule for the music.

    and you listed and compared her collaborations from recent albums. i do not believe she JUST chose JT and the boys for their sound. i think she was also looking for something more commercially viable. i think she had a lot on at the time (struggling marriage, family, film, malawi, adopting and god knows what else) and had to meet a deadline and it was a no-brainer. and i hear that in the music too (did i mention i really don't like HC as a body of work?)

    it's as if she has her own personal market research focus group in lola and that's the litmus test lately. that bugs me. i look forward to the day m does that album with joe henry. have been listening to 'music' lately and those ballads are gorgeous. and so it's comforting to hear she is recording another in some capacity.

    let's wait and see though.

    and hmmm - 'cheerleader song' sounds a bit 'hollaback girl' to me...

  22. All these comments on what she should and shouldn't do ??
    SO SO SO BORING! Way too much overanalyzing!
    She doesn't even need to make another record. She has nothing to prove! She could serve poo and it still would sell and make waves!

    PS:People who keep repeating they hate HC should really STFU already! Ask what the blog host thinks? RESPECT!

  23. i LOVE LINDA!


    hey evry and others that have been full of complaints for years - does this mean if she doesnt deliver the INTEGRITY youre looking for - it will have been 6+ years and 2 albums and WE WONT HAVE TO HEAR ANOTHER FUCKING WORD FROM THE HOLE YOU CALL A MOUTH? WOO HOO!!!! BRING ON THE FIRST ALBUM #2!!!!

  24. I don't want to be negative and/or complain but for me Madonna's best moments come when she doesn't chase trends or try to keep up with the latest cool thing. This is a compliment.

    It's no exaggeration to say that on her own she's MAGICAL. He voice, her style, her EVERYTHING. That's why my heart sank a bit when I heard about this. I'll still listen with open ears. As much as I agree with a lot of what is said about Hard Candy it still produced three of my all time favourite Madonna songs.

    And please don't give people like me a bad time because we say these things. It's just an opinion and we all have one.

  25. @ evrybdygegeget

    "of course we can judge rumours. we don't have to wait to hear the finished product to have an opinion on a collaboration." But I never said you cannot judge the "rumour", but most certainly, you cannot judge the SONG.

    Do you know what judging a rumour is?

    "This is a good rumour" - that's a judgement. Or:
    "This is a bad rumour" - that's also a judgement.

    But saying "she's relying on another artist in this song" is NOT judging the rumour, that is judging the song.
    If you don't see the difference, I'd say you're not very smart.

    You can judge the idea of a collaboration as "I like it", "it might be fun" or "I hate the idea of Madonna collaborating with a rapper", but you cannot say it's a "bad song" or even "good song" without listening to the finished product. You just can't. And that's my criticism on what Ramon said.

    Do you have any idea of how the song goes? Its lyrical content, the melody, the musical elements? No?
    So don't talk about the song itself. Talk about your expectations. GIVING AN OPINION is completely different from JUDGEMENT.

    "When i hear m.i.a and nicky minaj with madonna i think, oh there's madonna trying to be cool again. i felt the same with FT, timba and pharrell too". THAT is an opinion - your opinion, and I don't have a problem with that.

    However, the one being extremely SHALLOW here is *YOU*. "Oh, she's working with a popular star, she's trying to be cool again" is a cliche and is extremely SHALLOW. there's no critical thinking involved in this thought. My opinion, on the other hand, was formed by analyctical thinking:

    See, a year before starting working on her HC album, when asked in an interview by Ryan Seacrest what she had been listening to, Madonna said she'd been listening to JT's "Future Sex Love Sound" album, she said she loved it.

    I remember that at that time, that was a major flag for me, I knew she was going to enlist their services for her album based on another thing she said about how she chooses her producers: "the best way to get that sound, is to work with the people who make it" (she said that almost a decade before, on chosing William orbit for ROL).

    I added 1 + 1 (you see, it's not based on cliches, it's, in fact, an opinion formed based on my observations on her work process over the years).

    Madonna doesn't try to make a sound "like" someone she admires (she's not a wannabe). If she likes a particular sound, she enlists the services of the producers she likes. I thought: She likes JT's album and is going in studio soon to record a new album, she's going to work with his team. So she did.

    HC is not my favorite album at all. It has many flaws. However, I would never imply it has no integrity based on who she worked with, much less assume she worked with them with her eyes and mind on "being cool again" or being commercially viable.


  27. Too bad we cant have a bad opinion on Madonna because the owner of the blog gets very upset and start insulting us.
    Madonna is just trying to stay relevant, thats all. And i dont blame her, girl has to do everything on her power to have another number one in the US.

  28. i didnt insult you YOU PIECE OF SHYT!

  29. Because all you do is bitch and complain, Maar.

    And Hollaback Girl? lol. That was a complete rip-off of Micky.

  30. And stay relevant? LOL. The woman was on EVER US news program for saying which kind of flower she dislikes. LMAO!

    Madonna works with artists she likes and last time I checked, MIA doesnt have a string of #1's in the US, nor does Minaj.

    Eat it, Maar!

  31. *EVERY

    and she doesnt need a #1. She isn't mariah carey who only cares about #1's and isnt Gaga the biggest pop star in the US right now? How many #1's does she have from her latest album? 1?? thats right. the song which sound like a badly watered down Express Yourself.

    Too funny.

  32. She doesnt need a # 1 but its pretty obvious she wants it that is why she is making all this. Minaj might not have a number one in the US but she is pretty well- known and whatever she releases is a hit. Even little girls go crazy for her. Madonna isnt stupid, she knows if she does something with her (Minaj) is going to be an instant hit.
    And by the way, i dont complain too much, i just voice my opinion but some people here cant understand that. Blind fan anyone ?

  33. Blind fan? Ray of Light sucks! lmao. I love how you avoid the fact that I hate Ray of Light and Deeper & Deeper yet am a blind fan.

    You are blind if you can't see that Minaj has ZERO #1's and M is also working with MIA who had one hit, paper planes.

    You just need to accept the fact that, like always, madonna works with whom she enjoys.

  34. ...with whom she enjoys to stay relevant.

  35. Really? When did she tell you that?? I can name one MIA song and one Minaj song. I'd hardly call them 'relevant'.

  36. pud - of fuck, are some of us raining on your excitement parade? god forbid we have a conversation about her rumoured collaborations. i celebrate her as much as i critique her and i'll continue to have my opinions. besides, i'm not here to win a popularity contest. clearly you can't handle a bit of dissent, in which case you should turn comments off. eat that.

  37. and got in in one, Maar.

  38. Linda Loira e Japonesa - that's a whole lot of words to make a couple of points. no need to get on the defensive, i was just countering your arguement. no-ones calling you an idiot or shallow, settle.

    and m is a fucken wannabe at the moment. she WANNABE young. she WANNABE staying beautiful. she WANNABE at the top of the charts. she WANNABE reinforcing her place on the pop thrown. she WANNABE making an impact. if you can't see that then i have nothing more to tell you.

  39. LOL - Seriously?

    You ARE dumb, aren't you?

    "no-ones calling you an idiot or shallow".

    LOL, now take a look at your previous comment:

    "Linda Loira e Japonesa - i think you're looking at it on a very surface level".

    Come on, illiterate motherfucker, when you look at something on a surface level, you are being what? Shallow. They are synonyms.

    I think the only wannabe here is you. You wannabe taken seriously, but the more you type, the more we all see how dumb you are.

  40. lol, more babble from linda. clearly i've hit a nerve. if you wanna interpret things that way you're welcome to it. don't really care!

    and taken seriously? what for, opinions on a madonna blog? and by whom, you, pud and his posse? wrong again, linda loser japanesa.

  41. If you cant handle differen optinions you should turn the comments off. Thats a good idea dear Pud because clearly when someone says something bad/negative about Madonna you and some other people get so mad and defensive and instead of having a real discussion you rely on insulting others.

  42. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one and a lot of the opinions here are stated as fact. Their also mostly negative. If you guys cant see that, there is little hope.

  43. maar and evry - EAT WART CUNT. dont tell me what to do. EVER. i can just delete your posts altogether. but i dont. if you continue to bring ME up in them, i will. deleting is just a click away. EAT IT!!!

  44. maar and evry - why come on someones blog to disrespect? He works his ass off and brings so much fun and interest for ALL Madonna fans!
    Fucking rude bitches! I don't see you having a Madonna blog? FUCKTARDS!

    In any case Madonna fans stand divided on her choices since early times. its just a given BUT we all still LOVE THE QUEEN!

  45. there truly are no words lol

    and then you have tony...

  46. actually, there are words. this blog has become so tacky. gone is good debate and in its place are disgusting insults thrown at anyone who doesn't agree that madonna walks on water.

    SO ugly and SO nauseating.

  47. and pud, your threat has no weight with me so do whatever you want. i can live without having my comments published on a blog. my opinions will always exist.

  48. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

  49. Debate? That word coming from everybdy?? You ALWAYS have NOTHING but NEGATIVE things to say about Madonna. Nobody thinks she is perfect, I don't like several of her songs, looks or other things, but I don;t need to sit here and complain, complain, complain like you do.

    Take it elsewhere!

  50. evrybdygegeget Why come on here then if you call this blog tacky? Its informative and fun! Go the fuck away negative bitch and be the true monster you are!

  51. oh evry you are so nothing and humorless. you take it all so seriously - SHUT YOUR HOLE!!! nobody puts a gun to your head to come read MY perspective daily.

  52. again, why allow comments then? you're acting like such a tyrant, trying to control what people say. and you don't know a damn thing about me.

  53. and 39b - because it is, and you're numero uno! it's not called negativity when you're being objective. so fuck off with your overzealous behaviour, commenting on every one of pud's posts like some bitch in his shadow. get a life.

  54. evrybdygegeget just come clean.. Do you like Madonna? Being Objective is being a 100% antagonistic Seriously i have not seen one positive post from you.
    May i ask when you became a fan? the year and the record??

    and yes, i maybe a major optimistic when it comes to Madonna-Pud posts. Its a MADONNA FAN BLOG not MADONNA HATE BLOG!

  55. i love everyones comments good or bad - you just keep saying i dont over and over. if i didnt like it - I WOULD DELETE IT. its YOU who doesnt like my rebuttals. i dont want to know anything about you!!! SHUT YOUR HOLE!!!