Monday, October 24, 2011

Rufus Wainwright, Sean Lennon Perform Madonna's 'Material Girl' At Occupy Wall Street Protests

Sean Lennon seems to be having a gay ol' time with Material Girl. Fantastic!


  1. Is this a dis against Madonna? Or are they singing it in the irony way as Madonna did ?
    RUDE Rufas has not been so kind to M:
    Rudas on Madonna:
    “There’s a dark force at work here [Madonna] subverts everything for her own gain. I went to see her London show and it was all so dour and humorless. She surpasses even Joan Crawford in terms of megalomania. Which in itself makes her a kind of dark, gay icon,” Rufus said. “I love Kylie. She’s the anti-Madonna. Also mentions Mw/Babs too
    Barbra Streisand is not as sinister as Madonna and she gives us some hope.

    Maybe Sean will give some of his mega bucks to the poor?

  2. I know Madonna hates to be called the "Material Girl" and feels oh so spiritual after turning to Kaballah but if she is serious about all that letting go of your ego and" I dont need money i need love" she likes to promote, then she should validate herself by showing support for the Occupy movement. I know it will never happen in a million years but i would not mind seeing it in my lifetime. The people need the support of a big star to truly make a change and seeing that they killed off Michael Jackson, it would be nice to see some sincerity from Madonna.Thats what John lennon would have done "Imagine if Madonna was to follow suit.