Friday, October 7, 2011


One of the greatest scenes in The History of Cinema.
Desperately Seeking Susan.
For this alone she should have won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.


  1. This is a true superstar and this is what sexy is. Period.

  2. Totally agree Pud. This scene sticks out when i think of this movie. She made arm pits hot! Gotta love her back then.


  3. Yeah! Where is the god damn Oscar for being the ultimate sex street slut goddess in this film!!! Love this! I think everyone has tried doing the underarm dryer motion in a public bathroom.

  4. My favorite Madonna movie!

    I love the NYC feeling from the 80s. Then the actors in this film - great ensemble!

    Madonna is totally convincing as Susan. Especially i love the scene in the bath. But every scene in this film ist perfect... The Madonna/Rosanna promo for the film was also great!

    1984/85 RULES!!