Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Androgynous Madonna

Greatest Hair.

This blink-of-an-eye 1987 Madonna always reminded me of pre-fame Madonna. From the cropped hair, the tom boy attitude, the clothes - I've always loved it and imagined this is how she rehearsed for the Who's That Girl tour - it's within that timeline. I want to see those rehearsal videos! We got a lot of projects with variations of this hair. Glad we have it not only photographed for the tour book and Cosmo Magazine but also in the La Isla and Who's That Girl videos.


  1. I love when woman can pull off androgyny. Of course only if they have the delicate pretty face like Madonna. Tilda Swinton does it well too.
    Flashback to this Madonna era is the only time us guys could dress like her. I
    love the WTG video look! I also love how she went from boy look to glamazon Cosmo cover! Just all so good!
    Love the collage!

  2. Lady Gaga pulls off androgyny well, only she could pass as M's gardener :)

  3. I see another Gaga vs Madonna fight coming...Oh dear.

    Anyways, i never liked Madonna with short hair, well, she was cute during the "The Girlie Show", other than that, not my cup of tea.

  4. But Gaga LOOKS like a man in general, so no comparison or 'fight'.

  5. Lady Who looks like a man? Don't insult us men Tony! Ha!

    The truth is she looks like pork chop with dwarf arms!

    I see her xerox copy career fading fast with everyone being fed up with her grotesque in yr face unoriginal ways. Puke!

  6. "I see her xerox copy career fading fast with everyone being fed up with her grotesque in yr face unoriginal ways. "

    I agree with this. Her career started doing so good, but i think she exposes herself too much and people are starting to get tired of her. I just read that she (gaga) said that her next tour is going to be the best one ever. Yeah, like when she tweeted that born this way would be the cd of the millenium. She exagerates so much and i think people are tired of her.
    Not trying to start a fight, just giving my opinion.

  7. When I was growing up I missed this Madonna moment. I didn't even realise she had dark hair in the La Isla video - duh! That was life in the pre-internet days. Great to see all the photos together. Love the Who's That Girl video look (but how cheap was that video?!) What's the photo on the bottom right with Sean Penn? Just a press shot?

    Re: Gaga. Seems to me that she's now sucking the blood of Grace Jones. All the hats that Grace was wearing in the 80's. Bottom line - she's not the new Madonna by a long way. We should all relax and let nature take its course.

  8. Pud I totally totally adore this 1987 look as well. It could be my alltime favourite.

    As I mentioned one other time - she was a confirmed guest presenter at the Oscars in March 1987 until the very last minute - so we would have also had an ACADEMY AWARDS APPEARANCE at the height of her fame with this haircut, to add to your images above, if only that had gone ahead as planned!!!!

  9. DLB - the pic with sean was when she visited him on the set of 'colors'. xo

    jamesy - i would have died, it would have been all glamoured out!!! love this hair. LOVE IT! only a face like that could have this hair.

  10. One of the great things about Madonna, and why she remains unsurpased, is how she used her body, all of it, as part of her art. Something was always the center of it, her hands in Vogue and Secret, her killer legs in Open Your Heart, etc, and centerstage for her was always her hair. White one day, jet black the next, red, blonde, brown, all the colors.

    The most amazing thing is that IT WAS ALWAYS HER HAIR, contrary to pop stars today who are all forced to use wigs because they are either bald like Rihanna and Beyonce because they are ashamed of being black, or have their hair fried beyond repair like TrollGa's or simply because they don't have THE GUTS to do anything with their real hair like Britney.

    Madonna remains unmatched till this day. However, just like everything she does nowadays, she's mediocre and hasn't changed her hair in over 5 years, which is RECORD TIME for Madonna. BORING!!!!

    But she remains The Queen.

  11. lol. love the way Ramon spew all this good stuff about madonna then BAM, trashes her, everything for years has been crap, blah blah blah.

    time to move on as a fan, i guess?