Friday, November 4, 2011

Elton John and Madonna


Elton John is captivated by Madonna's beauty on this night of February 20th, 1995. He remained jaded that he's a farck and couldn't take it hence his outburst years later. Yes, David, you read that right. Remember that when you spread those cheeks.

February 20, 1995 - 14th Annual Brit Awards - Alexandra Palace, London, England


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  2. Oh i have no liking for that elton john, regardless of his bitter rant on madonna. I do find him to be just so gross! wig and fat and bitter YUCK!

    anyway Madonna is such a lady and seems somewhat shy in the clip. I love how she is here.


  3. she clearly needs a breast lift esp after having those 2 brats....i hate that she never let her own hair grow that long...her mug is ova tho

  4. lol@the tranny.

    Any white woman of 53 years of age would KILL for breasts like Madonna.

  5. cant stand elton john.....such bitter sad bitchy queen....

  6. Elton is very talented. I always liked him regardless what he said about Madonna back in 2004, that doesnt mean he doesnt have talent. I didnt know being "fat" was such a bad thing ? so if someone is fat that means they have no talent and we shouldnt like him ?

  7. "Is this what I have to do to sell records?"

    Back in 1994/1995, yes. Sorry Madge. ;)

  8. I don't find Elton entertaining. He isn't cute enough to be so catty. Like Gaga, just because you are talented, doesn't make you enjoyable.

    Does that answer your question, Maar?