Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Week With Madonna


That's kind of what I initially felt when I first saw the publicity photos of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe for the film, My Week With Marilyn. Overall an entertaining movie, Monroe enthusiasts may take some issue throughout the film.

Last night while watching, I was having flashbacks of Innocence Lost. "I'm not a Model T, you can't just crank me up", screams an erratic Marilyn Williams using a Monroe quote from her final interview with Life Magazine's associate editor, Richard Meryman, 5 years after the filming of The Prince and The Showgirl. That kind of shyt always bugs me out.

I was excited to see it. I liked the movie, didn't love it. For a few (brief) moments, I saw Michelle looking like Monroe. Those are tough shoes to fill, she was pretty good and that's all I will say about the movie.


  1. I saw the Film. I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised by Michelle performance, from the publicity photos etc I didn't think she would pull of Marilyn but she did well. My prediction shell get a golden globe and an Oscar nom but NO oscar. I want Tilda to get the Oscar.
    Back to Madonna, you do realize from the film there has never or will be a bigger star like Madonna post Marilyn. Although Weinstein said Madonna is our living Marilyn you do remember watching the film how opposite they really are when it comes to them as a persona.

  2. Michelle Williams looks NOTHING like Marilyn. Monroe was pretty, Michelle is not.

    From the clips I have seen, Michelle has all her mannerisms down, but again, she is just not attractive.

  3. I love Michelle Williams. I think people hate on her for being on a teen soap, but she is a fine actress and a beautiful woman. haven't seen the film, but I will when it comes to dvd. Her indie work is fab.

  4. Tony,you're always a gentleman,go on like this.

  5. I gave my opinion. This was about comparing Michelle to Monroe, since Michelle was playing her. Of course her looks come into play. I don't know her personally, but do not consider her attractive. I am sure she wouldn't find me attractive, either.