Saturday, November 5, 2011

Secret Altar


  1. O my Pud,
    I am heartily sorry for
    having offended Thee,
    and I detest all my sins,
    because I dread the loss of heaven,
    and the pains of hell;
    but most of all because
    they offend Thee, my Pud,
    Who are all good and
    deserving of all my love.
    I firmly resolve,
    with the help of Thy grace,
    to confess my sins,
    to do penance,
    and to amend my life.

  2. it's only in the video 4 a moment but it is stunning!

  3. PUD!!
    would u maybe do an all alter pics posting? from "prayer/la isla/secret" (i'm sure there's others) it would be beautiful. only a thought given 2 the man.

  4. I'm going to create an alter in my home to Madonna 'and worship it daily'.

  5. 39b47 - ha - xo!

    steve - yes about 24 frames! i'll add it to the list re: alters. promise. xo