Monday, November 21, 2011

Trip the Station, Change the Channel

Queen Madonna has seen enough of putrid Wannabe Gaga.


  1. this sad tragic mess has no shame...just joke and a clown at this point

  2. Sort of like looking at Druscilla, Diana Prince's sister played by Deborah Winger to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. She is so fucking grotesque that even when wearing a near-identical outfit she looks so different that I hadn't even made the connection, but woah! Again?! What an idiot. And frankly, whenever I see anything about her on any news site on the internet these days, I scroll right on past to read anything else. Anything at all.

  3. After all the critics, she’s still doing it... she's beyond pathetic at this point a total joke!

  4. AC - such a druscilla!!! hahahha - just a wannabe wonder woman in the lesser outfit, all klutzy and flumpitous, teeter/tottering about, after the spin she falls over a bit.

    she is such an idiot and she coddles those fans shes calls monsters. I cant stand her speaking voice or her presence at all in any media form.
    Why is the pop star bar so low for her to appear?
    At least we can look and listen to Adele and Rihanna.

  6. God, now I know she does it on purpose, maybe because her fan base is stupid?

  7. Don't forget the GIVE IT 2 ME video:

    The hair is the same.

    The dancers's rehearsal room is there.

    And the black see-through outfit.

    I mean... really?

  8. Wow!!!! I really did love gaga when she first came out. Its amazing how much she's done in three years. But she's getting apathetic. History will show what a copy cat she was. She just ran out of ideas.

  9. Gawd she is just fug! Why is she famous? She isn't attractive, she can't dance, she can barely play the piano. Yes, she can stay on key and has a good voice, which I personally do not enjoy, but she has ZERO presence. I just don';t get it? Everyone who doesn't 'get' her are just haters. Read any Gaga review on Amazon! lmao.

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  11. I loath Gaga!! She just needs to... die!!

  12. someone please list what they feel are all the madonna 'copycat' moments of lady gaga's career. i really want to try to understand all the ugliness. go on...

  13. i don't want any emotion, just list.

  14. Why? Why bashing a girl who has talent? If i was famous i would copy madonna for sure,she cannot be avoided,and this little girl has proved that she has a lots of respect...why? Cannot stop the hate towards Gaga? I wish there were more people like her.

  15. Raszputyin, we cant bash something that already has a face thats been bashed with a bag of nickels and an ass with more dimples then Jlos nancy.

    evrybdygegeget, since you are clearly a Joanie in disguise why dont you list the million page rip off chronicles by the nothing Lady Xerox Whoo you?

  16. FOR THE GAGA LOVER on this page.....go to face boo and there is a great page called ......gaga is the worst copycat in the world ....AND YOU WILL SEE A LIST OF EVERYTHING SHE HAS COPIED.........THERE IS ALSO ANOTHER GREAT PAGE CALLED GAG......GAYS AGAINST GAGA LOVE IT

  17. Here you go Pud !

  18. And this is the other one. This tumblr is a nice one because they dont trash her or insult her yet they talk about her tactis to get attention and the gays. Its a must.

  19. Sad little rich girl with the resources to foist her Madonna dress-up fantasies on the world at large. Do Not Want.

  20. Maar amazing links! SO TRUE and Madonna's Paladin SO TRUE AND RIGHT ON!
    How does she get away with it?

  21. please, most of the images on that facebook page are laughable. just a bunch of nit-picking. i'm still waiting for a stronger argument.

  22. madonna wears round shades in 1987 and then gaga wears them in 2010 and she's a copycat apparently (and didn't john lennon wear them first?)

    madonna wears black shades and tilts them down to reveal her eyes in 1982, and gaga does it for a moment during a photoshoot in 2008 - she's a copycat!

    my favourite is the image with a celebration screencap in the middle, where m is wearing that pointed-shoulder, studded Balmain (i'm guessing). so funny because it is so very clear that m (or her stylist!) was inspired to wear that by gaga, who was inspired by a 2007 roisin murphy look, who was inturn inspired by graces jones.

    is this the best you've got, crazed madonna fans?

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  24. what's also funny is that there are just as many hateful madonna blogs, sites and articles (and lawsuits!) out there dedicated to how much she has copied other artists and looks. of course most m fans hold on to the notion that when she does it's all homage or tongue-in-cheek, failing to realise that it's still a copy or an inspiration that she capitalises on.

    this is history repeating, just with added internet.

  25. Oh my god everybdywho? Just shut up! Ur such a sad old rag!

    This tumblr page is hilarious!

  26. 39b, again you have no argument so you go on a frenzy of abuse. all this looking back and madonna defense is tired, just like your thinking. gaga's a hot commodity. don't be an old bitter man about it, just deal.

    and that tumblr is actually really funny, but does little to prove that she copies madonna. it goes on as if madonna invented fascinators, unicorns motifs, leotards, bangs, biker caps, ties, pigtails twists, the ability to place your hand on your forehead whilst wearing black lace outfits... - i mean really lol.

    just face it, lady gaga is a big, bright pop star and no amount of criticism you put out into the universe is going to dull that. she gave the industry a jolt when we didn't even know it needed it. every pop bitch out there knows they have to lift their game to keep up - including m. even liz r is watching and learning from gaga and her team (as quoted recently). and she better, the old tricks won't work forever, liz!

  27. evrybdygagagoaway-
    I will laugh at old bitter man HA! PUD will be coming at you too now.

    You have some points BUT who asked you to be Madonna Scrapbook blog devils advocate Police? We don't need YOU to be the one to critique Madonna. Its fan site ass wipe!

    As far as Lady Who, she does need to be exposed and so do her fans that follow her. In reality she is 3 to 4 generations apart from Madonna so you would think its off to put them up against each?? BUT when some wannbe pop star comes in with creative director and team to recreate a MADONNA image just cause she has the cash behind her, WE Take ISSUIE and We will expose it.
    there is no homage from caca, these are direct rip offs, she uses Madonna interview composure, her comments her political views, her gays, style, etc she bites it all! its just disgusting what she gets away with.

    I just read this on a blog and though id cut and paste and share.

    Lady Gaga in no reigning the world of music. That was already done by so many before her. ITs too late to call gaga royalty. what Can lady gaga do that hasn't been done already? MADONNA IS AND WAS PRETTIER, SEXIER, more INTELLIGENT, PROVOCATIVE ,ORIGINAL,MEANINGFUL AND AMBITIOUS than gaga would ever attempt to become. MADONNA CHANGED everything. WHat had LAdy gaga changed? Each Madonna album is entirely different and we cant say the same for GAGA! even saying that fucking dumb name GAGA is beyond sad and dumb feeling.

    To end my long winded reply which I hate cause its a fucking Joanie post. ITS ALL BEEN DONE LADY WHO. NOW GO AWAY.

  28. that filthy evry, a monster from nation that has followed ME here. his obsession is me, not madonna or lady gaga. anyway, lady gaga is ugly, fat and has zero sex appeal. rihanna and katy perry are more successful contemporaries of hers so i really dont see where this conversation has gone. this is about LADY GAGA BEING A HUGE MADONNA WANANBE. end.


  29. (eyes rolling) i saw an ad for gag's thanksgiving special last night on abc - LMFAO - A VERY GAGA THANKSGIVING SPECIAL?????? what a fucking joke... a "family-friendly" truly desperate lifetime/hallmark network televsion sell-out!!! nothing about gaga embraces the spirit of family or thanksgiving.. except maybe her turkey beak. Madonna would NEVER... EVER!!!!!! in this way, it's true... Lady Gaga is a not copying Madonna... she's copying Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire. (left finger down throat)

  30. pud i am so not obsessed with you, i can't imagine how you got that thought in your head. i'm obsessed with music, pop culture, madonna and art. get it right and don't flatter yourself.

    39b - lol, you're hiliarious. nobody needs to ask me to be anything. i write here because i feel like it, because i have my opinions and because most often crazed madonna fan comments beg for countering and perspective. i don't really care about YOUR personal views, but if you perpetuate an idea that i don't agree with, it's my right to respond. why is this an issue?

    and slide - i fucken love dolly! yee-ha!

  31. and i don't look to my popstars for beauty and perfection. i look for chutzpah, passion and the ability to move me. katy perry is mere candy floss in human form and rihanna, whilst prolific has questionable style herself. they are all successful in their own ways and in different territories. and i actually don't listen to commercial radio so it means little to me anyway. so what's your point?

  32. pud i am so not obsessed with you, i can't imagine how you got that thought in your head - BECAUSE THERE ARE 8000 MADONNA SITES ON THE NET AND YOU CHOOSE MINE DAILY.

    and i don't look to my popstars for beauty and perfection. - OBVIOUSLY IF YOU LIKE LADY GAGA.

    go elsewhere, like i said, there are many more madonna sites that would welcome your rotten energy.

  33. rotten energy? wow. because i challenge madonna and like gaga? i think this conversation says less about me and more about you, pud.

    and i love this blog. i like the conversations and debates (don't like when it gets nasty though like it is now), and i like your articles especially your longer posts. i think you're a great writer when you're not abusing people. don't you agree that your blog offers something that the other 8000 sites don't? and i frequent other m sites too, all the time.

    i'll go on being amused and entertained by my so-called ugly popstars and go on enjoying madonna, and you go on enjoying madonna and not enjoying gaga. why the damn hatred, on all accounts? i feel like we go on circles. you post something and visitors comment on it. when you don't agree with it, particularly from me and a few others, you go on a tirade and start abusing. but then you say you welcome all comments? what's it going to be?

    and @ slide - when you say "madonna would never..." it seems gaga is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. lambasted for so-called copying and lambasted for not following m's formula.

  34. Anyone who likes Lady Gaga has low self-esteem and doesn't fit in. At least that's what she is always saying about her fans ;)

    Again, remember everyone, if you don't like Gaga it ONLY means that you don't 'get' her and that you are jealous of her. lol.


    It can'y possibly be because some people like their female pop stars to have an ounce of sexuality? Or an ounce or beauty? Or an ounce of self love? Always striving to be someone she isn't? Reality??? Hmm...

    It can't possibly be because she sounds like a lounge act from Tahoe?

    Let's face it. Lady Gaga is all costume and nothing more. She can sing all 2-octaves well, but her voice is still grating. She can play the piano just barely, she can't dance, she isn't original or innovative (things people seem to praise Gaga for).

    I can go on and on, but she is a bore. She brings nothing new or exciting to the table. She is your next door neighbor. Just a regular, average Betty. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And unless she starts working with other producers, her 2snd album, Born This Way, shows that she has no room for growth as the songs all sound the same except for the throw-away, poorly done Shania sounding, 'You and I'.

    She had some really good pop songs on her first album and even stronger songs on her EP, but Born This Way is dryer then a Thanksgiving turkey. Where is the melody in the title track? And let's face it, katy perry has 5 #1's here in the US from her current album, lil Miss Gaga has 1. Hmmm, that tells me more people like Perry's music in the US then Gaga's.

    Now go lay down, evrybdygegeget and try to come up with an example of how Gaga is a bright star? lol. She lives off overweight woman and gay men who are insecure about themselves.

    Oh yea, Pud. What username did Every go by on crapNation? :megamnason:

  35. I love you Tony! HA!
    "she sounds like a lounge act from Tahoe!" Im dying its soooo true!

  36. I see it like this. Mos of Gaga fans (the hardcore ones) are very young and dont know that what Gaga is doing right now Madonna did it years ago, thats why they seem she is so creative but she isnt. Most of her fans know Madonna by name but dont know all the things she has done. Dont even ask them if they know Grace Jones because they would be like "what ? who is she ? ". They dont know their beloved Gaga steals from her.

    What happens to me with Gaga is the same that happens with Britney Spears, i love their music but on stage they are nothing, specially Britney who cant even dance or sing live.
    Ive seen Gaga 2 times and the show was good, but nothing else. Like Tony said, she cant dance. And she screams during the whole show about being free, loving yourself, etc. I was like "ok, show us what you got, stop talking".
    Its so sad when you talk to a Gaga fan and al they bring to the table is "Madonna is old, she is past her time" but thats what you get from them and in a way i understand, they are teenagers and dont know what they are talking about.
    Its sad that those kids only like someone who is young and trendy.

  37. Inspiration and imitation are not the same thing. Inspiration implies grabbing an already existing idea, looking at it from a different angle, apply a new thought or personal reflection to it so an individualized conclusion and new product can arise.
    imitation is what we have happening this days: theft of ideas, reproduction in a lesser level of other artist's discoveries.
    creativity implies the use of intelligence, of knowledge, of intuition.
    it's not about how much talent you have: it's about what you can do with it.
    And feedback is the key word for creativity: if you are not open to learn from it, your creative flow will disappear.
    Madonna, stubborn and head strong as she is, has always known this... and that's why she is the artist she IS. Her quest for knowledge, her intelligence and her vast culture is omnipresent in her work.

  38. for all the Gaga haters---->
    get a life and quit worrying about Lady Gaga, all you're doing is making her more famous...;)

  39. Gawd, her face in those gifs! At least give us an attractive fake pop star. lol.

    I am not a Gaga hater, I hate her fans who keep her bullshit going. :)

  40. Gaga is tiring.

    Her overdesigned looks. Her overpitched voice. Her every trying to be the ambassador of all weirdos out there.

    That should wrap it up.

  41. That's why she is so popular right now. Ton's of insecure weirdo's latching on to the Queen of Nothing.

    I guess whatever helps them feel better about themselves?

  42. Lady gaga is the same as paris Hilton and Kardashians, all rich girls. Anyone see that thanksgiving special where she performed in her old schools banquet hall? Wow, anyone have a banquet hall like that in grade school? Then you look at where she was raised by her parents, an amazing ritzy building where the 1% live. It seems these days u have to be rich to get famous to begin with then u get richer.
    Her Thanksgiving special was lame, tacky.. Parents arent supposed to like rock stars their kids like, shes trying to appeal to everyone, shes just tacky

  43. also for someone who is all about the outcasts, misfits, why is she commerical going on grammy shows, american idol, thanksgiving special?

    Also take a look at her merchandise that is being sold at Barneys in NYC, the GAGA shop, everything is overpriced, very expensive, her fans are kids cant afford it, only rich kids, then look at Madonna, she had material girl at macys that is so reasonable, anybody can buy it, madonna wanted it like that.

    I just view Gaga as this rich girl, for rich people.. she was def created by the record company,dont care what anyone says