Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Britney Spears!

It's Britney Bitch

I don't know much about this girl except the work she has done with Madonna and that her body is sock'n it. She really reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in her femininity, vulnerability and delicate nature. Anyway, I think this is an outtake from an album that samples La Isla. So Happy Birthday Britney. Thanks for being a cool True Blue Madonna fan.


  1. .."her body is sock'n it. She really reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in her femininity, vulnerability and delicate nature."

    Tell me you are joking with that comment, please !
    Britney is nothing more than a white trash girl from the Mid West of the US with zero talent. I like her music but on stage, her "persona", everything is a completely mess.

    I still cant believe you said that she reminds you of Monroe, thats like an insult.

  2. She really is like a modern day marilyn I always thought that too.

    Britney the princess and Madonna the queen of pop.

    Long live both.

  3. Britney is nowhere near Madonna status when it comes to pop and I didn't even like her until she had the massive falling out when she performed, 'Gimme More' on the MTV awards. Now I love her and no, she can't sing at all, she doesn't dance anymore (likely drugged up for her mental condition), but she doesn't take herself seriously and think she is living 'art'.

    So for that, I commend her and would rather hear her catchy, fun pop songs over 'mother Monster' anyday!

  4. I love how she always pays homage to Madonna, not like that other copycat, that always rip her off without giving any credits!

  5. i have nothing against britney, but this song is quite hard to listen to :)

  6. Madonna has a soft spot in her heart for Britney. I never seem to see the connection but I have no problem with Britney. Like you said Bocca at least she is true to herself.

  7. It's kind of pathetic how now-a-days, every Madonna fan supports Britney Spears and vice-versa. >>> This is not an attack on anyone who supports both, I am GENERALIZING things here.

    Ten years ago, Britney Spears fans HATED Madonna and Madonna fans hated Britney Spears the same way it happens to Madonna and Lady Caca now.

    I still think she has no talent (the girl doesn't sing live), she HAD a nice body when she was in her early 20s (she is NOT in good shape now), she doesn't really write or produce anything.

    That doesn't mean I don't enjoy a few of her songs etc. But as an artist, she is nothing. She is far from being what Madonna is. I never got the comparisons, the same way I don't get the comparisons Madonna/Lady Caca (apart from the obvious "borrowings" and rip-offs).

    Having said that, Britney is a dumb girl, she is Louisina white trash, she doesn't have control over her music - come on NOT EVEN OVER HR PERSONAL LIFE. I mean... seriously...

    And please, it is so pathetic when girls like Britney (Spears), Kylie (Minogue) and others tried to promote their albums at a certain point without their last name. Seriously... after Madonna, even Cher is in need of a last name.

  8. Sorry, Britney is enjoyable. She is what she is. She knows it and we all know it. We compare her to Gaga because their both pop female singers. Of course Gaga has the better voice, even if it isn't suited for pop, it's suited for a jazz lounge.

    Again, we like Britney because she doesn't pretend to be anything else, like a privileged rich girl who grew up with everything handed to her on a platter (not paris hilton).

  9. @Tony

    Sorry, but Britney Spears *pretended* to be a virgin for years when that *lie* helped her sell millions of albums among the WASP crowd.

    You know, Britney and Justin Timberlake *shared* a mansion in LA for a while and Britney Spears insisted in her "I'm still a virgin" lie.

    That's not very different from what Lady Caca does now. They are both contrived popstars who had their careers built in blatant lies. Britney Spears played the "virgin" card when that sold. Caca plays the "gay" card because it sells now.

    Don't fool yourself by saying Spears doesn't pretend to be something she is not. Maybe not anymore. But she did. And she built her career on a lie.

  10. Linda, I agree with everything you are saying, but if you read my first post, I said I didn't become a 'fan' until her performance of, 'Gimme More' on the VMA's. Well after her 'virgin years'.

    She is still a lot funner then GagMe. Slut, virgin or whore.

  11. I really thought brit would die with the boy bands and pop explosion of the late 90'/2000. I was wrong. I still see NOTHING that compares to M. Why she is still around is beyond me. Kudos on her adoration.

  12. I don't adore her. I have never bought a CD of hers, but compared to Lady Gaga? Brilliant. lol