Sunday, December 4, 2011

Madonna attends the Cinema Society & Piaget screening of 'W.E.' at The Museum of Modern Art


  1. She does? She used this hair one other time, at the Smirnoff event and she 'needs a new hairdo'. lol

    Anyways, she looks great, Pud! Also great to finally get official confirmation of the superbowl performance!

  2. I love how Tony can't respect others people opinions and always have to say something about them. Its just so funny.

    Anyways, not the most flattering pics but still cute.

    Im so excited about the Super Bowl ! Its already a controversy all over the internet. Go to Hunttinton Post and see, people are giving her a horrible time because the age and how she isn't relevant anymore, i love it ! I mean, i love it because even tho we are 2 months ahead everyone is talking about it. The conservatives are going mad over it LMAO !!!!
    I hope she shows up in a very sexy outfit and show them how you do it.

  3. She looks great! Hair & skin. 'Seemingly' less make up does wonders for her.

  4. I really hope Jamie King has some fresh ideas. I did think it was finally time she tried someone new for her concert appearances.

  5. She looks perfect!
    an elegant simple sexy dressed director.
    I love her hair for the W.E. appearances. Its so thick and healthy.
    She's not trying to do anything shocking it about the film not her Pop persona.
    As far as the Superbowl confirmation. Of course we are going to have the general public haters but i guarantee they will all be glued watching weather they admit or not.
    I think the Superbowl is perfect for Jamie King and cirque du soleil dancers. So much going on. 2012 here M comes!

  6. I totally agree with you.

    I thought she was over Jamie King. But, you know, Madonna knows what she's doing. And considering that she teamed up with the Moment Factory (it's on their website ) and a creative team from Cirque du Soleil is also involved, I can only imagine how great her SuperBowl performance and next tour will be.

    And just for the record, I love her tours with Jamie King. I just think they were running out of ideas over the years. Especially Jamie King - who re-used most of what he did with Madonna when he teamed up with the Spice Girls and Britney Spears later on.

    Anyway, L-U-V Madonna. She looked gorgeous last night at the MoMA.

  7. I like how she's able to laugh at herself when she says how true love is possible for everyone..."if you're willing to make those compromises".
    Anyway, I can't wait to see her film, to see her perform and to hear her new album.

  8. @Maar - What's funny to me, is people always posting negative comment after negative comment.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes, but when their opinion is negative for a solid 10 year span, it gets annoying and will get people like me to 'say something'.

    Make sense, douche?

  9. @Maar, go look up Lady Gaga on Huffington Post and her youtube videos, everyone says she is over and horrible, too. It's just so funny to me you read comments these days on the internet and actually believe that's how people feel. lol.

    Also, why do people say their tired of Jamie King? You princess' rave on and on about the awful DWT, which Jamie King DIRECTED and he also did the fantastic, Confessions Tour. Yes, get rid of him!!

    lol. wow.

  10. I got your point about being negative but not all the time people are being negative Tony, they are just opinions. Not because someone has a negative opinion about Madonna doesn't mean they hate her, they just don't like it. Thats all.

    I will never rave about the DWT, thats my favorite tour ever. Not other tour comes close to the DWT.

  11. My point was that all I hear are negative opinions. It gets tiring, that's all.