Friday, December 2, 2011

Madonna = Dance.

From her music, her aesthetic, her performance - dance is what has always informed the brilliance of Madonna's artistry.

University of Michigan Archival Footage of Madonna Dancing.


  1. MADONNA = DANCE is right on the money PUD!

    Madonna started her career in dance and music. Dance embodies her whole spirit.
    I love how she reflects on the past, I love how she talks as an athlete dancer who sustains injuries.
    I love madonna as a dancer! I love it all!

  2. Flawless post. Madonna could've been a Prima Ballerina had she wanted it but why settle for that? She obviously had the talent to be the Prima Female Artist of All Time, which she did.

    Reading this, and imagining the toll the dance has played on her body and her training as an athlete and then you see fucking Lady Gaga who can barely move on a stage, I mean it's pathetic.

  3. I always thought Bray was gay. I don't believe he was straight. I do not care what he or anyone else says, either. :)