Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photographer Bert Stern on Madonna

Bert Stern on Madonna:

“Madonna is gorgeous, the most beautiful eyes you ever saw. A little rough around the edges. She’s a tough chick. She spits it out. She has her own agenda. It manifests in the pictures.”


  1. Amazing quote.
    I love these pics. Love the white nails and the denim jacket. Its funny he didn't shoot much of Madonna. I wonder what she felt on the pics??
    My first time seeing them was in Vanity Fair and I thought what a HOT sex kitten -The 80s Marilyn done with street style.

  2. she definitely has the look!! so sexy!!

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  4. One of my faves. And I agree with the photog. She's absolutely gorgeous, but a bit off. Which makes her PERFECT!