Friday, December 23, 2011

Photographer Ken Regan and Madonna

@ Le Mondrian Hotel Los Angeles CA February 22 1985. From Regan's New Book, All Access.

UPDATE: Video of Ken Regan talking about the Legendary HEALTHY Shoot!

OMG, it's The Lady of the Evening.



  2. wow 24 magazine covers around the world, impressive.

  3. I went to the local library when I was a pre-teen and cut out all those Ken Regan "Healthy" photos from People Magazine (everything but the cover, dammit), put the People Magazine back on the shelf and went to my room and hung up the pictures, naturally :-)

  4. My sister and I fought over the People magazine! Mom relegated that my sister get to read the article first then I got to keep it. All the pix went right up on my wall!