Monday, December 5, 2011

The Super Hole

Madonna 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show Announcement

The announcement of Madonna being the halftime performer at the 2012 Super Bowl is, of course, making news all over. Typically, nobody can take it and that's why it will be the Best Super Bowl half time show in their history. Look at the reaction of people in this Indianapolis news video below.


Official NFL Halftime Announcement


  1. I really didn't want to watch that Indianpolis video, but I watched it. People have been complaining about her for close to 30 years, yet the ones rushing to sign a petition to stop her from performing, will be the first on their feet dancing while in the audience at the superbowl or in front of their TV.

    Just so tired of negative, negative, negative! What's even worse are most of her fans. They are probably the ones who started the petition to stop her from performing.


  2. I love all the controversy !!!! Only our Madge can do that.

  3. It's not really controversy anymore. It's just negative. Blah.

  4. I agree Tony, there is a lot of negative feed back going on.
    I watched joy behar tonight by default and she kept on about lady gaga and why she isn't doing as she's a hotter act. BARF!
    Then her guest gene fucktard simmons and the her panel the always bitter Sandra burned- hard-by-m, again comparing her to lady gaga and how gaga doenst need to do Super Bowl and how she can sit and just sing with a piano! Wtf ?!
    Then the eonline poll favors not to watch Madonna at halftime?? And if you dare go on web there are so many haters!
    Madonna is the ultimate live performer better than any act or solo artist. She puts on the most technical Intense shows everyone follows after her even MJ in his prime. Why is there such a backlash of hate? I know sport fans, ageists, sexists, homophobes, and a lot monsters, are a given BUT joy behar, e-online etc?
    IDK Madonna fans and family should be putting out good vibes and replying back to all this bs.

  5. "lady gaga and how gaga doenst need to do Super Bowl and how she can sit and just sing with a piano!" - I WISH SHE WOULD SO I DIDNT HAVE TO SEE THAT FLAB ASS SWINGING BACK AND FORTH TRYING TO DANCE!!! that girl is disgusting and her attempts at dancing AND singing ARE VILE.

    that THE WORLD is talking about WHO is going to appear in february at THE SUPER HOLE with such fervor says it all. only madonna.

  6. Well, I'm DAMN MAD!

  7. If before only 40% of the people tuned in to the half show because of Madonna now 100% will, it's the effect she has on people.

    Before I wouldn't subscribe to the whole the media hates Madonna thing but now I see it's totally true.

    They are DYING for Madonna to fail, and it's this same media that has been waiting for Madonna to dissapear since she first appeared, the ones who have backed Lady Who so relentlessly.

    Are they so desperate for Madonna to go away that they will back Lady Who?? Well their efforts are futile.

  8. It boggles my mind how someone as obviously unoriginal and semi-talented, Lady Gaga, can have so many people, including famous people, eating out of her hands.

    It is beyond mind boggling.

  9. Well Toni for once we agree, Lady Who is like the Bane of My Existence since she first appeared, I just DON'T GET IT, how can someone so talentless, so vile, so ugly, so BASIC can be so famous and succesful?

  10. I wouldn't say she is talentless. That just comes across as being a 'hater' when in fact, she does have a few songs I have enjoyed. The reality is, that she just isn't anything new or fresh. She isn't a bad singer, but she certainly isn't a great one. She can't dance worth shit. I hate to talk about ones looks, but she is a pop star, so I will: She is fugly. She has zero stage presence and really has no 'it factor'.

    Again, I just don't get her appeal. I liked a few songs from her first album and even more from her Monster EP, but the new album is just garbage yet it's up for album of the year at the Grammy's? WTF. lol

  11. Gaga has talent, we can't deny that.
    Im not mad over the negative comments about the media and the people, who cares ? they are just comments. Since the beginning people are giving her a hard time and a lot of shit and now its going to get worst because she is getting older so we just have to deal with it.
    What it really makes me mad is the fact that if someone like Jagger performs the media would love him (even tho he is almost 70 years old) but when it comes to Madonna (who is 53) people say "she is too old" "is she still alive ?" "banned her" "her 15 minutes of fame are gone" etc, etc, etc. Its so ageist (spelling ? ).

  12. Ramon, using the term "ugly" as an insult or to describe someone is very low-class. You can voice your opinion without having to be mean and ghetto.

  13. Horrible article. Sexist, ageist, comparing to Lady Gaga...


    Madonna the latest name on washed-up entertainer list
    By MARK BROWN December 5, 2011 8:34PM

    Updated: December 6, 2011 2:10AM

    The headline Monday at Entertainment Weekly declared: “It’s official: Madonna to perform at Super Bowl halftime show.”

    It could have just as easily read: “It’s official: Madonna all washed up.”

    As someone who can’t quite keep up with popular culture, I have long relied on the choice of the Super Bowl halftime performer to let me know when someone has officially become a has-been.

    What’s that line from the 4G phone commercials: “That’s so 15 seconds ago?”

    Being chosen to perform at the Super Bowl is proof positive that an act is “so 15 years ago.”

    Most of you probably already knew that Madonna was washed up, and I admit that even I suspected it before Monday’s big announcement.

    When Lady Gaga started doing Madonna better than Madonna, it was pretty obvious that time had passed her by.

    Still, it’s always nice to have confirmation. It saves me the embarrassment of asking a younger person.

    Come to think of it, though, it’s not ALWAYS nice.

    I remember being considerably disappointed about arriving in the press center for Super Bowl XLI in Miami (Bears-Colts for those who have forgotten) and learning that Prince was about to perform a mini-concert for the news media to preview his halftime show.

    It was heartbreaking to see how far the mighty Prince had fallen, not to mention how totally out of place the little squirt was in a football setting.

    Still, I’m sure he put on a good, safe performance, which is what the always conservative NFL is looking for in programming this mass audience television event.

    Being selected to play at halftime of the Super Bowl means that an act that once might have been considered edgy — like Madonna — has become so mainstream that hardly anybody in middle America would find it objectionable.

    Look at the other halftime performers in recent years: Paul McCartney 2005, Rolling Stones 2006, Prince 2007, Tom Petty 2008, Bruce Springsteen 2009, The Who 2010, Black Eyed Peas 2011. Sure, they were all great acts in their time, but the Super Bowl would never have wanted them in their prime.

    The Black Eyes Peas was also particularly tough for me, because I hadn’t even totally figured out what music they played, and then they were officially has-beens. It was the same feeling I got when the Smashing Pumpkins announced they were breaking up.

    I started my list with 2005, because Janet Jackson and her famous “wardrobe malfunction” came in 2004, which muddies the water. But if you think back, it’s pretty clear that both her decision to perform and the exposed nipple were two sides of the same coin — a blast from the past trying to stay relevant.

    But this is not a new phenomenon. By the time they did the Super Bowl, Michael Jackson (1993) and Diana Ross (1996) also were just the natural extension of the Up with People and marching band performances that preceded them.

    (My own personal favorite halftime performer was trumpeter Al Hirt. Not really, but my dad really dug it.)

    The New York Times reported last year that the NFL does not pay an appearance fee to the Super Bowl halftime acts, who are apparently more than happy for the anticipated bounce in album sales that comes from the extra attention.

    I suppose the hypemeisters now want us to imagine some building tension over whether the Material Girl will do something naughty in Indianapolis, the site of the 2012 Super Bowl.

    Folks, she’s 53, old enough to have seen Al Hirt play in Super Bowl I. Let’s hope she remembers that.


    See, thats what I'm talking about. When it comes to older men everyone is ok with it but when the performer is a woman they all seem to have a problem. I don't understand...

  14. lol@at that article.

    They lost me then they said someone who isn't attractive (Gaga) does a better Madonna, who was considered sexy from the get go, then Madonna.

    Also, they have been saying she is washed up since her second album came out. lol

  15. I have followed madonnas career since the 80s..and like her have developed a thick skin when it comes to all of the negative things people esp press say about her. I can remember early on peeps said same thing about her (washed up) and again in 90s so on and so on...they always are like she isnt relevant but we must talk about her so go figure..she will kick ass and put on awesome show...she is a tremendous live performer...xoxo

  16. OMG that commercial gave me the goose bumps! LOVE!

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  18. every female artist in this world wishes to be like madonna. she's the epitome of the "pop artist"!
    some people can't accept her legendary career. IT'S THEIR OWN PROBLEM.

  19. @ wally. well said.

    all these years l8r & she still causes ALL of this. impressive really. that's a megastar.

    EVERY SINGLE PERSON watching that game may say all the awful things they want about her...until she walks on2 that stage & then...all will be forgiven.

  20. "But this is not a new phenomenon. By the time they did the Super Bowl, Michael Jackson (1993) and Diana Ross (1996) also were just the natural extension of the Up with People and marching band performances that preceded them"

    Michael's Superbowl performance had the whole stadium screaming throughout the entire performance. So far that is my favorite superbowl performance (Although that might change very soon lol)

    I think Madonna's performance is going to amazing. People should stop dissing her because she isn't 25. Show some respect!

  21. I think a majority of "the common folk" don't realize how many Madonna songs are, indeed, Madonna's. There are so many imitators out there now it's hard to distinguish if you're not a die-hard fan. Sure they all know Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer and Vogue... but Music, Ray of Light, Hung Up, 4 Minutes... these are all undeniable party songs that people know AND LOVE unconsciously... they dance to these songs at nightclubs, weddings & house parties and her set-list will literally bring the house down!

  22. I don't live in the States so for me this performance will be a clip I'll see on you-tube later on, but what puzzles me is that people are actually starting Face Book pages to protest her being on the Super Bowl halftime.
    With all that goes on in the world, THIS is what concerns them. Geez.
    I hope she kicks ass and shuts them all up. As per usual.

  23. Well, to be fair, they started a facebook page to prevent Nickelback from playing the superbowl, but they played anyway lol

  24. "They lost me then they said someone who isn't attractive (Gaga) does a better Madonna, who was considered sexy from the get go, then Madonna."

    What does attractiveness have to do with anything? You must be a flaming shallow qweeen. See, this has always been Madonna's problem. People see her as a person who relied on sex and looks, instead of talent.

  25. If Madonna wasn't talented, people wouldn't be talking about what flowers she doesn't like as the news' top story, 30 years into her career.

    And I am not shallow. Madonna was considered sexy. Nobody considers Gaga sexy. I understand that you might be a bit slow, Al, but at least try to read before you type.

  26. And what does attractiveness have to do with anything?

    Like you said, Madonna was always considered sexy, not really talented. Nobody considers Gaga sexy, but they all swear she is super talented. Do you see now why Gaga can't possibly 'do Madonna' better then she 'does herself'?

    Pretty self-explanatory.

  27. I won't watch that shit. It's the same old song. "We hate Madonna", "She's old" "has been". So fucking lame comments that have been around since 84.

  28. attention is not love.

  29. i wish you'd stop playing that beauty card tony. madonna knows her angles and has worked with the best image-makers. anyway, it's where you find it, right?

  30. evrybdygegeget said...
    madonna knows her angles and has worked with the best image-makers. anyway, it's where you find it, right?-
    This is true BUT you have to have a good starting point. Madonna has natural beauty. "Lady Something" works with the latest beauty image makers BUT she is just plain UGLY nothing can make that pretty. NOTHING!

  31. @evrybdygegeget, I don't play any beauty card. Madonna is a better looking woman then Lady Gaga. That's a fact and if you don't think looks matter in the world of entertainment, I really don't know where you have been.

  32. tony you're a hypocrite, calling your opinion fact as you so hate when others do. nuts.

  33. What's nuts is you trying to tell me that you think Lady Gaga is sexier then Madonna ever was. That was my point.

    Eat it.

  34. whos trying to suggest that gaga even has ONE sexy bone in her body? evry? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAHHAAHA!!!

  35. what are you guys, 12?

  36. I want to see someone hate on Madonna without being ageist and sexist. If you think she's talentless, then why is she the highest grossing tour female artist ever? Or why is she in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? Or why has she sold over 300 million records? Perhaps why she has received icon, lifetime achievement, and countless grade A awards for her contribution to not only music, but also world affairs, and philanthropic matters? Her relevance is prominent and she has done it all on her own without a "team" or shameful imitations. Respect.

  37. whilst clearly the CEO of her creative visions, everything m does is a collaboration - something she acknowledges herself. she doesn't design and sew her own stage outfits - she commissions a designer to do it for her. she doesn't do her own hair and makeup for stage or shoots - she needs an arianne or a gina brooke for this. and she depends on directors to realise and flesh out the seeds of her video concepts. and yes, she even needed a photographer to capture the type of film she wanted to direct and hired another to help her write it. she has an amazing team around her. she is not a sole-trader. please realise this.

  38. and you can keep your idea of beauty because it sucks. give me edith piaf, tilda swinton, beth ditto, big noses and awkward bone structure any day of the week. as long as there's heart, i'm there.

  39. *arianne for styling, of course

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