Thursday, December 15, 2011

W.E. Receives 2 Golden Globe Nominations in First Round

First round of nominations are in and 2 for W.E. in the music department.


  1. I will try and be positive as two noms are great! BUT if the GG have best costume/wardrobe nominations, W.E. had better be on it!!

    Im a little over Hollywood right now and wtf George Clooney? I mean really? George Clooney? BARF!

  2. Are there more to come?! Have my hopes pinned on Arianne Phillips. She deserves to go the whole way to Oscar. Would love to see M but she's too much of a rebel ;) Very excited. The Globes like Madonna!

  3. OMFG!!!!!!!!! The supposed set list for Superbowl!!!

    Give me all your Love (with Guests)
    Ray of Light

    I know this isn't the place but WAY-HAY!!!!!!! Ecstatic. Madonna fabulousness!!!

    Im sooo fucing fed up with that song...


    Give Me All Your Luvin
    Let It Will Be
    Give It 2 Me

    No Ray of Light...:(

    And: please make a Belphegor themed music video for Masterpiece. It deserves it!!

  5. John Williams for War Horse? Seriously?
    That's the worse score ever. I don't understand how one can sit through a Spielberg movie and not barf with its score - they are ALWAYS the same.

    I am with you (person with a long screenname). George Clooney and Angelina Jolie got nominations too? Seriously?

    What about Art direction and costume? Andrea as best supporting actress? I mean... Come one!

  6. The Golden Globs dont have a costume category. Congrats on score and song!!

    Off topic, but please no Ray of Light at the superbowl. It is not a crowd pleaser, it's a fan favorite. The song debuted on the hot 100 and #5 and fell like a rock. The song is blah and the video is blah. The single also sold well because she did a Mariah Carey and sold it at a discounted price. Ray of Light is a fan favorite and nobody wants to hear it at the superbowl. The rest of the list sounds fine.

  7. i hope masterpiece to win a globe and an academy award as well!!!

  8. I would just LOVE Masterpiece to be nominated at the Oscars.

    Apart from that possibly meaning an OSCARS LIVE PERFORMANCE (although - have they scrapped the Best Song performances in recent years?) - it would SURELY mean Madonna would be attending as a nominee (she's a writer of the song this time!).

    Just to see her COLLECT an OSCAR - even though it's for songwriting - would be such an IMAGE!!

  9. I could care less if she wins the oscar. Please be nominated so she can perform! (she won't because of all the damn muppet songs)

  10. Live to Tell, Into the Groove, Crazy for You, Who's That Girl, Causing a Commotion, This Used to be My Playground, I'll remember, Beautiful Stranger, Die Another Day...

    It's ridiculous how the academy always ignores Madonna, when even freaking Eminem is eligible for (and he won) an Oscar for "Lose Yourself".

    I mean, don't the members of the academy see how awful and unfair they have been to Madonna?

    "Masterpiece" should take the prize, not only for its beauty and quality, but also for Madonna's longtime contribution to the soundtracks of various films.

  11. Good on you MADONNA. At the very least, she will be at the GG.

  12. Madonna's a Natural when it comes to soundtrack melodies! A true star!