Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Abbie Cornish Wore Madonna's Wedding Rings During W.E. Shoot

I find it fascinating that something as personal as her wedding rings were brought in to Madonna's W.E. for the role of Wally Winthrop. When I saw the film - the role of Wally, to me, was the Madonna she's only willing to show the public via her work. How romantic and witchy that Abbie got to wear those rings.


  1. How and the hell did you find those poses together??? and she hardly ever wore her wedding ring...

    Pud has the greatest attention to detail next to Madonna.

    This news piece is powerful to hear, she really her heart and soul into her work. Praise to Madonna and cant wait to see W.E.

  2. Now she's just whoring herself out. Abbie should have kept it to her ownself.

  3. It's also nice that she kept her ring from Sean Penn. I would have lost it by now. In a way, that further humanizes Madonna. That even after her marriages didn't work out, and being who she is and her ability to attain whatever materialistic object she wants, she decided to keep something that symbolizes something so human.

  4. I'm surprised that Sean Penn ring didnt end up in Melissa's box of memorabilia! LOL. It is sweet that she kept the ring though.

  5. wow at how cheap both rings look but both of those dudes were not zillionaires like madge
    so much for a material girl

  6. Wow at her hands looked even back then. Sorry peeps, her hands now are not from aging, their from HARD work and working out. Taking care of herself.

    We should all try it sometime. :)