Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"...Everybody Who Knows Me, Knows When I’m Tired, I Cry."

Madonna by Liz Smith. “…everybody who knows me, knows when I’m tired, I cry” Read it all HERE


  1. how much i love and adore this woman. she's the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity.

  2. did you read the whole thing XP? theres so much more in the link. xo

    1. i know pud. i read it, even though the most comments below the article are not so positive :(
      anyway we all know why some people dislike her.
      she's one of the few (if not the only one) music artists who's still going strong with absolutely no personal scandals. no alcohol, drug or psychological issues.
      she only looks forward with optimism and she's open to every life challenge :)i guess she has given me some great life lessons :D

  3. For Madonna-Her Sadness: It's Only Natural! She really is at her absolute best when she cries. That sadness has been paramount since her mother's death. This is why Madonna believes in Love and Brilliance! She Will Never Be Forgotten!

  4. look i know shes a professional and a tough cookie and all.. BUT seriously, i hope she doesnt wear herself out. She looked tired and gaunt at the NY premiere to me... Hope she saves all energy left over for the superbowl...