Saturday, January 21, 2012

*UPDATE: Gimme All Your Luvin' - #Madonna New Single - Official Release Date

Thanks Amen-Madonna

Friday February 3, 2012 - Madonna's New Single - Gimme All Your Luvin' will be officially released.

*UPDATE: InterscopePromo is NOT official INTERSCOPE account, so don't get hopes up. - ScottCiccone


  1. This twitter account is not related to Interscope. ;-)

  2. Pud, try to put this video on your next post. Its all of her dancing throughout the years, it only shows her tours. Its a good warm up for us fans!

    The video is called "queen of pop!"

  3. It's a bit beyond me why there is no official release date for GMAYL at this point... What could possibly happen? Do they fear someone in their team might leak it just before?

    Another thing that's hard for me to understand is why this song wouldn't be released a week before the Super Bowl... So that by the time it's performed, at least her fan base and young people everywhere know it. Is the live version of GMAYL so much more exciting and enticing that it will make the audience go out and buy it after hearing it there for the first (and only) time?

    I have to say that the rest of the PR around Madge for the past 2 months has been flawless, but the hermeticism around MDNA intrigues me... I hope it pays off :)

  4. Why the wait? Give it to us now!

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