Monday, January 2, 2012

Madonna as Jackie O?

Madonna and JFK, Jr. 1997

In Fairytale Interrupted, a new book about John F. Kennedy Jr., it says he wanted Madonna to pose as his mother First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis for the cover of his magazine George in the summer of 1996. Madonna declined in true Madonna form.

"Dear Johnny Boy, Thanks for asking me to be your mother but I'm afraid I wouldn't do her justice. My eyebrows aren't thick enough, for one," she offered. "When you want me to portray Eva Braun or Pamela Harriman, I might say yes! Hope you're well. Madonna."


  1. Pud, once i'd heard that they were secretely dating before he died. Was that true?

  2. Apparently they had a fling back in '88 while Madonna was separated from Sean Penn. The story went that Sean later saw JFK at an event and demanded an apology from him. The story also went that Madonna hoped Jackie O would turn up to the opening night of Speed the Plow but as she disapproved of her son's involvement with her was a no-show. The relationship fizzled to nothing but they remained on friendly terms. If you Google them you'll find a picture of them jogging in Central Park.

    Madonna has such a wicked sense of humour. Very dry. I love it when letters like this surface.

  3. This letter surfaced years ago. I remember reading it in the earlier 90s just before Girlie Show. The lead of the story was about Jackie O's disgust saying he couldn't date Madonna and she was furious. Madonna released a statement when he died too,

  4. Yes, there is a JFK Jr Madonna sex tape leaking very soon.

    Back to reality. What cover did they end up with? Im blanking? All i can think of is the goldfish Meisel outtake at the pool? but that wasn't the cover?
    Maybe they scraped it.
    I love how controlling she is of her image. its nice to see in her own adorable kind of teenage writing. And Eva Braun as a choice? wow this was way before Kabbalah. HA!

  5. Eva Braun was a good woman

    Hail Eva

  6. marilyns_mole i remember reading this too :)