Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Madonna Reminisces : Excerpt 2 from Nightline with Cynthia McFadden.

Loving it all.


  1. i love how they're tying it all in with GMA / 2020 / and Twitter hashtags. Looking forward to it all!

  2. I am surprised and IMPRESSED that she apprantly recognised that paparazzi photo of her & Sean as being taken after they left "Goose & Tom Tom" play they were doing in 1986.

    MAJORLY IMPRESSED. So many photos of her & Sean on the street are just RANDOM - yet she knew where this one was taken.

    "Goose & Tom Tom" - one of those mythical Maodnna projects we will never experience. I mean 1986 the fucking PEAK of her career and she does a play that we know little or nothing about. No photos, no video, no nothing! WOW!!!

  3. @ yes!!! Amazing.
    I like that Cynthia is showing those pictures, can't wait to see the whole thing, cause I spy some more Pictures From The Past on that couch...

  4. Its nice to see her reflect and not look annoyed. i cant wait! one more day!