Monday, January 23, 2012

One. Star.


  1. Remember, that old old (vintage) MTV Making of the Video Special of Take A Bow with Kurt Loder? There's a scene in there of her practicing this scene and saying those words. Pure fabulousness.

    1. Oh yes, I remember! It's still on vhs somewhere. And her fake smoking! Love

  2. "I don't need the support, by the way. They're naturally this high."

  3. Take a Bow-the song that resurrected, revived and reinvented Madonna's musical career. What a lovely, sad and beautiful Evita/W.E. Ciccone Rock ballad. Take a Bow hit #1 for a reason-the absolute sadness in her voice. It's also because we all still love Madonna and care about her! Like Live to Tell before it and Masterpiece after it, Madonna's beautiful tears are real in this wonderful Ciccone/Peron/Simpson artwork. Being a Lucky Star and "one lonely star" are one and the same for Madonna-Her sadness is a source of comfort and strength for her. Sometimes Madonna just needs to let the cry out and that she does that feeling/emotion beautifully in Take a Bow! For Lady Madonna, the show/reign on top will never be over! Love You Madge!