Friday, January 6, 2012

Who's That Girl? Sky Ferreira as Madonna for V Magazine

Madonna inspires me to be strong, fearless and smart. She's more than just sexy or someone with good songs, she's the type of woman I want to be. I want to inspire people the way she has. - Sky Ferreira on Madonna in V Magazine.


This shoot was styled by Andrew Richardson who started off as a fashion assistant for Steven Meisel and was also in the Sex Book. Here he is in this outtake from Madonna's Flesh and Fantasy photo essay in Rolling Stone from 1991 - in the stockings and garters.


  1. Looks more like a tribute to Peaches Geldof. Ugh! Ain't nothing like the real thing.

    Interesting link to Andrew Richardson. Love a man in suspenders.

  2. Some big shoes to fill Sky! Skys adorable and only 19! Imagine M platinum at 19.
    Love the BA blk bomber jkt shit the best with the gif.
    Cool to see Andrew Richardsons name again with Madonna and Testino.
    Andrew was in the sex book to I think with long hair. Not sure what image.
    It all comes back to M!
    Love it.

  3. She can't quite pull it off, but she definitely has something.

  4. I'm getting more of an Anna Nicole SMith tribute.. especially the last two shots

  5. I'm so surprised by the reaction to these pictures. I think the pictures are amazing and it's a tribute done right, and I like Sky Ferreira but she had like NO COVERAGE from the media outside of the fashion world and today she was EVERYWHERE and it's getting tons of publicity, she's gotten more publicity for this spread than she has in all her music and modelling career.

    I am ASTONISHED at the power of Madonna's iconography. ASTONISHED. It's obvious that the SOLE REASON why that awful Lady Gaga beast troll happened is because of her relentless plagiarizing of Madonna, and Sky could very well be on her way to more fame thanks to these pictures.

    Of course Madonna's iconography is incredibly powerful but there is something else behind the public's and the media's reaction to it, a sort of malice if you will.

    Are people so hateful of Madonna that her iconography becomes acceptable if it's used by somebody else that doesn't have the brain Madonna has? Or are people that hateful and desperate for Madonna to dissapear and somebody else to take her place? Even if that person brings NOTHING NEW to the scene like Trollga? Are people that ignorant? A combination of all of these?

    I don't know, but as long as someone eclipses TrollGa I'm all up for it.

  6. I like it!! big fan of Mr Mario Testino anyway, but yes. For me a new shoot like this (and plenty of others like it previously) are a 'true testament to 'madonna's power and status as a true "ICON", (a word i think is that is seriously 'over-used' for any 'tom/dick or harry..these days) I kinda relate to the comments 'RAMON' has made..but i think the biggest 'icons' always have had a love/hate relationship with the general public..because i think 'madonna' makes people think about issues that they don't really want to. Me,myself i find madonna..fasinating..always have, always will. just glad i was born in her era, lucky enough to follow her from the begining. don't 'moan' about her folks, JUST BE HAPPY SHE'S STILL HERE..BECAUSE IT'S GONNA BE SHIT WHEN SHE ISNT'. (monroe, elvis, sinatra, michael jackson, ella fitzgerald, liz taylor..etc. <3

  7. what is the big deal with this model? she's just some waif. why the celeb status?

  8. Because of Madonna!!! She's a singer, released an EP and works as a model but she was no big deal until this spread it seems.

  9. It still looks like on of the Olsen twins.

    Not my cup of tea, but anytime anyone praises Madonna is usually okay in my book.

  10. she IS getting tons of publicity like ramon said previously and now the whole world knows her name thanks to madonna, but this is not happening for the first time.
    glee also enjoyed worldwide success after the madonna episode! since then, glee was famous only in the usa :)

  11. I still can't pronounce her name.

    Not surer who 'whole world' is. I still have no clue who she is.

  12. I don't know who this girl is, but it's a sweet tribute. Nicely done. And the quote about Madonna is right on. She won't ever have the chance to have the impact M had with these photos, but it's nice to see someone so young appreciating the truth.

  13. @Tony the whole world as in THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO USE THE INTERNET, like twitter, she's all over and for better or for worse, celebrities, because there are no stars anymore, are made on the internet.