Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Madonna Haters,

I Can't Hear You

Too busy blasting and jamming to Madonna's Girl Gone Wild.

This feeling can't be beat, it's coursing through my whole body,
Feel the heat.


  1. No one can put out her fi-i-i-ire...

    1. the room is spinning, it must be the tanqueray
      im about to go astray, my inhibitions gone away...


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  2. pretty awesome remix... supposedly we're getting a Dave Aude remix too, which would be too much:


    1. OMG, can't wait to hear it. I hear the a Benassi remix is making the rounds....TONY, have you heard it?

    2. No.

      Benny produced it so a remix by him wouldn't be surprising.

      No word on Aude or Moto, but both are unlikely.

      Hope Aude mixes it, but not a fan of Moto.

  3. you said it pud..as a friend of mine said "fuck them all , whie we will be dancing and having a blast

  4. It would be great if people could be objective about her work. Kissing her ass and loving everything she does is NOT a fan. She promised something "cutting edge" and that she tried to make music unlike the music out now. This song sounds like something Britney would have done in 2010. All that's missing in this song is guest vocals by Pitbull and Neyo. She has officially run out of ideas...that or she is letting Lourdes write her music. It's just so sad.


    2. Now there is a formed opinion.

    3. Objective in what way? No one is saying this is Ray of Light or Like a Prayer. What we are saying is that it's fun and enjoyable and awesome in its own way. And for those of us who love the mixture of Madonna's light and dark, it fits the bill perfectly (I'm assuming you heard the full radio version with the spoken intro).

      Also, if we are going to be objective, then let's also be smart: let's wait until the full album is out before we say her "music" is not "cutting edge" anymore. How about that?

    4. A GGW hater is not a "Madonna hater." Madonna is not perfect. Far from it. Which is why we love her. I personally think her recent material stinks, but holding out hope for a few good tracks on the album.

    5. You delusional?

      Madonna NEVER "promised something "cutting edge" and that she tried to make music unlike the music out now".

      Can you find a clip of her saying such things?

      She never over-hypes her work or tries to direct people's judgement towards her music. In fact, Madonna's objective with this record, and I can assure you she said that, was "to make people smile".
      This you can find many videos on the web.

      But "cutting edge" music? LOL You are mistaking lady Caca with Madonna. Madge, who is far more talented than the other, doesn't have her own head far up her own ass.

      And please, you cunts are musically deaf. GIRL GONE WILD is purely Get Together + Celebration + Hung Up. It's all Madonna. Brtiney has nothing on it. Britney owes her career and existence to Madonna, just like Lady Caca and half the bitches in pop music.

    6. Madonna will never have a greater fan than myself. for over 10 years, like 90% of my daily thoughts revolved around Madonna, and nowadays it's like 50%. I ADORE HER. But I am dissapointed in her right now and that is ok because Madonna doesn't condone drone behavior, that's Gaga's thing, I have a mind of my own, always have and always will and I now that MDNA is Hard Candy 2.0, it'll be OVER after the video for Girls Gone Wild premieres and that'll be it. Sad.

    7. WEll..MLBANKS409, i'm just sick of reading peoples comments that think they have 'KNOW IT ALL' opinions, slagging off an 'icon' of 30yrs..like they could do better..saying she should do this/she should do that. etc. I think she's been in the 'game' long enough to know what's good for her. every fan has different 'fav' albums etc. She is the 'iconic' superstar. always dancin to the beat of 'HER OWN DRUM'!!!!

    8. HEY RAMON..you miserable ass know it all, '90% of your daily thoughts revolved around madonna'!!! WTF..you are seriously sick!! 'MOAN MOAN MOAN'!!
      Tell you what 'know it all' let's see if your statement about 'OH IT'LL BE OVER AFTER GGW PREMIERES' comes true..cause if it doesn't you can 'EAT' ur f/kin words then can't you!!

    9. If people want to be OBJECTIVE, here's what it is:

      The day before the second round of pre-sale for her tour opened, she released the lyric video for her undeniably next club hit "Girl Gone Wild".

      Pure and simple. Madonna is known for her club hits. She is the artist with the most #1 dance hits in the US.

      Oh! Did I mention her tour is selling out in most North American cities during her ICON members/pass pre-sale?

      Yeah, message is clear: fuck haters, fuck the charts, Madonna is back at the top of the music industry, which means, touring.

      Do I have to explain that "touring" is the most important source of revenue for record labels and artists?

    10. @Ramon H.

      Taste is like assholes. No one can force you to like something you don't.

      But it is undeniable that Girl Gone Wild is a high quality song.

      It is incredibly well-produced.

      The lyrics are sexy and fun.

      The music, lyrics and melody are catchy.

      It is right up there on Madonna's territory.

      People have complained about many things, her voice, the style ("it's not groundbreaking"), but the thing is: leaving aside your emotional memory, GGW has much more qualities than problems.

      Give it a few more listens and stop over thinking it. It's just music. Enjoy the emotions it makes you feel, don't try to rationalize it. ;-)

    11. I take offense on your comment of "touring is the most important source of revenue for artists" yes it is and so what? Do you think that Madonna did Papa Don't Preach just to get money? Or do you think she risked ruining her career doing Like A Prayer, Justify My Love and SEX just for money? Do you think that she stepped up to the plate to defend gays and hiv infected people for revenue? If you think that money is the first concer for Madonna then you DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT HER.

      Madonna has NEVER WORKED WITH EARNING MONEY AS HER MAIN GOAL, NEVER and that is why she was a revolutionary artist.

      Madonna is doing things for money now, like the Sticky and Sweet tour and that is the reason why, in spite of being the highest grossing tour of all time, it is by far HER WORST AND WEAKEST ARTISTIC EFFORT IN ALL OF HER 30 YEAR OLD CAREER. THE WORST.

      If you are all about NUMBERS AND RANKINGS LIKE GUY OSEARY IS, that's fine, congratulations. I am not about that, I like MUSIC AND ART, and I want something good and worthy from the artists I choose to listen to/follow. I want something better than Sticky and Sweet and Hard Candy 2.0 and I know that Madonna can be better than that.

    12. Aww, it's sad all of these 'Ray of Lighters' and 'Music' lovers hate the new Madonna songs. Sad these fans don't know how to evolve with the times and the different sounds of music as production changes.

      Poor, sad people.

      I feel bad for them, since I love both GMAYL and GGW.

      GMAYL sounds NOTHING like what is on the radio. GGW does and it is fantastic.

      I was 'disappointed' when she released the Ray of Light and Music albums, should I stop being a fan?

      People are such drama queens. If this music isn;t your cup of tea, that is fine. Nobody is telling you to love it.


      It is beyond annoying and tiring to hear complaint, complaint, complaint, for YEARS about how bad this is and about how bad that is.

      If you don't like current Madonna, there is always the Little Dumpsters and Mother Nose.

      Now shoo! Go away!!!

    13. What I think is sad is that you were dissapointed in Ray of Light and Music, two of the greatest albums ever made in the history of music and Madonna's finest.


    14. @Ramon H.

      There are a few things I want to direct your attention to:

      1) Note that these comments happen on a thread under "mlbanks409". The ones directed at you have "@Ramon H." in the beginning.

      2) Note that my pprimary comments focused on Madonna's work and how she doesn't shove down our throats "what to say" about her work. Only my secondary comment started off at what people were discussing before me: "objectivity".

      The "money" factor was a way of showing that Madonna's still winning. I simply stated that, from an "objective" standpoint, Madonna's work is leading to the top of the music business, just like she was in the 80s, under different circumstances (as the music field shifted completely over the course of the last 3 decades).

      3) Broadly speaking, Madonna's work is still as inappropriate as before. So I don't understand why you complain about it.

      When she did Like a Vrgin, she was inappropriate according to society's view on a young woman's behavior. When she sang about getting pregnant and keeping the baby as a single mother, she was singing about issues the media did not want a female artist to be singing about. When she did Erotica and Sex, she was being inappropriate too.

      Now, as a 53-year-old divorcee, mother of four, she is singing songs about fun, having carnal desire, clubbing. Her recent pictures show her in her bra and hot pants. that's exactly the opposite of what society says a 53-year-old divorcee mother of four should be doing.

      Again, just like in the 80s and 90s, Madonna is being inappropriate. The music she's singing is "inappropriate" for her age and her image is also inappropriate. If you read any review of her recent work you will see that that's what they all focus on: she put on a great show for the Super Bowl, but she's too old. She's 53, she's NOT a girl anymore. She has kids, stop going to clubs and dancing and stop singing about it too. That's what her detractors say. And that's what society makes them think.

      Madonna, just like in the 80s and 90s, is now doing what people think she shouldn't be doing.

      4) The Sticky & Sweet is probably my least favorite Madonna tour. However, it had glorious artistically rich moments.

      5) No one has the obligation to be groundbreaking all the time. Madonna never said she would re-invent music at all times. She just happened to be more interested in different sounds at several occasions throughout her career. I think it is great that Madonna is putting out something fun and current, that still pisses people off (remember how her age and music are inappropriate?).

    15. Ramon, you can't tell anyone if they have good or bad taste. That is absurd.

      I said I didn't like them when they came out. I did not say they were not good albums, well, ROL is good.

      Keep on ramblin' on! :)

    16. @tony there is most definetely a thing called good taste and another called bad taste, and education gives you the wisdom to see the difference. If you were dissapointed by Ray of Light and Music, well your opinion means nothing to me.

      @Linda Loira: I don't think the word you want to use is innapropriate to be honest. There is nothing cool or positive about being innapropriate. Being innapropriate simply means being innapropriate, being uncool and unnecessary.

      Madonna was A REBEL, which has NOTHING to do with being innaproppriate.

      Like A Prayer, Erotica etc, those are all forms of rebellion and artistic expression, they left no room for being innapropriate and netiehr did anything else done by Madonna.

      Touring in an outfit that makes you look naked at 50 like Madonna did on Stick and Sweet = INNAPROPRIATE.

      Partying at a pre grammy party while Whitney Houston's body is cold on a room in that same hotel where she died the same day the party is taking place = INNAPROPRIATE.

      Choose your words carefully.

    17. @Ramon

      If you think you have good taste, you are not educated.

      If you think you can tell me I have bad taste, you are not educated.

      If you think because Madonna was 50 that she shouldn't dress a certain way even if her body looked perfectly fine in what she is wearing, you are not educated.

      You are an idiot!

    18. @Ramon H.

      LOL - you need help, honey.

      First of all, you need to ask someone to help you understand what I said. Ask a friend who speaks English well (you will find someone in Panama) to read and interpret what I wrote.

      You will be surprised when you find out I did not attack Madonna or call her work "inappropriate" per se. Note the antagonism I drew between her work and what SOCIETY thought was appropriate or inappropriate at those particular times.

      The word I was looking for and appropriately used was indeed [oh irony] "inappropriate". You shouldn't even try to distort what I say, that's not a smart move to do.

      And most important of all, you need psychological help. Seriously.

      Please, stop acting like you "know" Madonna and that you know the reasons why she does her work or not. You sound really pathetic, that's what little monsters do.

      Madonna is a true artist, and that is exactly why her art is more organic than intellectual. That is way over the years her music has been a reflection of [the little we actually know of] her personal life.

      Unlike what you implied, Madonna was not rebellious because she had to be, that was not a conscious, rational decision. It has all been organic, from day one. The way you described her rebelliousness should be applied to wannabe Lady Caca, because she is the one who rationally and consciously want to be a rebel, want to do something meaningful - that's why her work is phony. Not Madonna, she has always been true to herself, and her rebelliousness was natural. And guess what? She is organically rebelling against what society imposes as an appropriate behavior for a 53 year-old divorcee mother of four.

      And please, don't even talk about "good taste" or "education" in the same sentence. They are two completely different aspects that do not necessarily have to affect each other. You like Lindsay Lohan. Talk about bad taste. LOL

    19. you make absolutely no sense and everything I said just went over your head. And since you have NO ARGUMENT, you have ro resort to insults. How old are you? 50? Get over yourself.

      and Toni, I wouldn't even bother entertaining your idiocy.

    20. @Ramon H.

      "you make absolutely no sense" - LOL

      "everything I said just went over your head." (...) "Get over yourself" - And the one who holds the truth in their tongue has spoken - LOL

      "How old are you? 50?" - What is that even supposed to mean? You see how delusional YOU are? On your tumblr, you go on rants about how ageist people are, and still, you act like an ageist fucktard.

      YOU make no sense at all.

      Did you forget to take your meds today?

      You are an unhappy ignorant psychotic little turd who can't deal with the fact no one cares about your uneducated opinion on Madonna.

      Get over yourself, you know nothing about music or art in general. And let me break this to you: art is a commercial good. It's obvious that you ignored this fact.




    21. lol is that all you've got?

    22. @Ramon H.

      No, honey, I have much more ammunition. But the thing is, there's no point in arguing a psychotic turd like you when you cannot even argue.

      You see, your last two messages had no supporting argument or explanatory content whatsoever: in one you say I (me, lol) "make no sense" (LOL), in the other you simply stated "lol is that all you've got?".

      I mean, you are already defeated.

      You can go back to your tumblr now, post pictures of Liz Taylor, complain about Madonna's new song and listen to Courtney Love while dreaming about being skeleton Angelina Jolie.

      You have no baggage or musical knowledge to be discussing art and music with me. I feel sorry for you and for your parents.

  5. WOO-HOO dancin like a 'crazeeee bitch'!! <3

    1. on the floor 'till the daylight comes - we just want to have some fun!!!!

      jorge & srejvani xo

  6. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!! "Like a girl gone wild...." *dance dance*

  7. The song is GREAT, I'm fired up for the album!!!

  8. FYI: I ain't no Dr. but if you spend 50% or even 20% of your time thinking about anyone or any one thing, you got some issues!!!

    Ramon, sound like you should just jump the Madonna boat, your not happy and believe me she wont miss out on you or the 25 people in your circle that you tell she sucks!!!


  9. Aww, it's sad all of these 'Ray of Lighters' and 'Music' lovers hate the new Madonna songs. Sad these fans don't know how to evolve with the times and the different sounds of music as production changes.

    Poor, sad people.

    I feel bad for them, since I love both GMAYL and GGW.

    GMAYL sounds NOTHING like what is on the radio. GGW does and it is fantastic.

    I was 'disappointed' when she released the Ray of Light and Music albums, should I stop being a fan?

    People are such drama queens. If this music isn;t your cup of tea, that is fine. Nobody is telling you to love it.


    It is beyond annoying and tiring to hear complaint, complaint, complaint, for YEARS about how bad this is and about how bad that is.

    If you don't like current Madonna, there is always the Little Dumpsters and Mother Nose.

    Now shoo! Go away!!!

  10. I feel like I've been having/seeing these same arguments with people since I was 14 (I am 31 now).

    Here's an idea. If you don't like the song/image/product Madonna is selling you don't have to buy it, talk about it or endorse it. This is a very simple concept. Try and wrap your mind around it.

    But you will. And you'll still complain about it because at the end of the day you just wanna hear yourself talk.

    And well, misery sure does love company.

    1. I am 41 and followed Madonna since I was 14, so a major part of my life. I have a daughter a month younger than Lourdes. We both heard GGW the other day and in the words of my daughter 'that's sick bruv'! Which I assume means it's pretty good. My daughter is at an age when she sees Lady Gaga and is convinced the video makers and her team are mocking her by making her look like such a poor Madonna tribute act. Daughter has seen every single Madonna video (EXCEPT JML, Erotica LOL!!) and there is class in every one. Can't explain, but Madonna has her finger on the pulse and the video becomes legendary.

    2. I just cannot see Lady Gaga videos being played in the future as the future generation would probably think 'WTF'!! With Madonnas' songs and videos, they are just so well crafted, be it dance or a ballad or something more dramatic. There is a meaning in Madonnas videos, and yet with Gaga I have a puzzled look because she truly thinks she's up there with other, more worthy, music royalty. She really is deluded if she thinks she's going to have a varied career such as Madonnas. And she thinks she's an ICON! I have to laugh because we have all seen it before, when it really was shocking. But Madonna has panache whereas Gaga just ain't got it. Madonnas' drive and determination got her to where she is now. Gaga comes from a pretty privileged back-ground and educated at a stage school. Talent comes from the heart; you cannot buy it

      Love to you Pud xoxo

    3. hey maggie, welcome. i love that you and your daughter can share music together - that right there is a beautiful thing. about the gaga thing, i don't think you have some details correct. i'm a stickler for facts so i'll lift straight from her bio:

      about her background -

      "Despite her seemingly affluent upbringing in the family home in Manhattan's Upper West Side, Gaga has stressed that she did not come from a wealthy background, stating that her parents "both came from lower-class families, so we've worked for everything—my mother worked eight to eight out of the house, in telecommunications, and so did my father."

      ...so her family had new money they worked hard for. a well-off family doesn't open doors in the music biz, that i am sure of.

      about her education -

      "When her time at the Convent of the Sacred Heart came to an end, her mother encouraged her to apply for the Collaborative Arts Project 21, a musical theatre training conservatory at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. After becoming one of twenty students to gain early admission, she eventually lived in an NYU dorm on 11th Street by the age of 17."

      ...so it was a kind of scholarship that she earnt.

      and when it comes to music videos, i think it's safe to say that gaga has been a huge influence in bringing the artform 'back'. in recent years record labels were very reluctant to invest in videos and so the medium was slowly dying. gone were the days of big budgets.

      especially in her early days and because of this lack of label support, gaga used to put all her earnings from live shows straight back into her outfits, videos and staging (not on a beach house or a private jet) so that her creative visions and statements could come to life.

      she hasn't had an easy ride, contrary to popular belief. she had to work hard to get her debut song 'just dance' played on radio stations. it took something close to one year before it caught on since US radio wasn't playing dance music at the time. she also got dropped from a record label amidst this, and early on had to fight for column inches and photoshoots as journalists and photographers didn't understand her unconventional sound or look.

      and yet look at what she has achieved. she has captured the pop world, for better or for worse. she's definately on yours and my lips. so whilst she may not be to everyone's taste, i think these achievements and attributes are commendable and i think there's a way to enjoy madonna without having to put down another artist.


    4. She isn't on anyones lips, except those who feel bad about themself or have low self-esteem. Remember: You were BORN this way, baby!

      She also calls her fans little monsters. WTF? She belittles you, because she isn't attractive and pretends to care about those who nobody else cares about so, yeah. That is who her fanbase are. Young boys and girls who have low self esteem and low self worth and gay men who try to cling on to the latest trend IE, elton John.

    5. And if Lady Gaga did anything original and actually WAS an artist, people like me wouldn't feel the need to 'put her down'.

      Just sayin' :)

    6. tony, you often fly off the handle without learning the facts or considering another perspective.

      gaga is certainly on your lips in every third post. admit it, she has had a massive affect. she's everywhere, for better or worse.

      i enjoy gaga and i don't identify with that kind of fan profiling. why be so narrow-minded about things?

      how is the term 'little monsters' belittling? it's an understanding between her and many of her fans - a term of endearment that they've embraced. it's just a bit of fun, really. she even has the term tattooed on her arm.

      to me at least, she seems to genuinly care about her fans and their culture. she puts her money and energy where her mouth is - example, a couple of days ago she launched her 'born this way foundation' at harvard university with guest speakers oprah, deepack chopra and others. it's a joint venture with her mother, who is the president of the foundation. to quote their mission statement:

      "The Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a braver, kinder world. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, to be empowered and to make a difference in the world. Together, we will move towards acceptance, bravery and love."

      also on the panel at the launch was the sister of a 14 year old fan, joey rodemeyer, who commited suicide last year for being bullied about being gay. i just think that is a beautiful, empowering opportunity for that girl and a way to turn something grave into something positive and honour her brother's memory.

      i mean, how amazing is all of this?

      and about your last post - but i thought you said that nothing in pop was original??? you love her past work, you just don't seem to like her last album. so it leaves me thinking that all this hatred towards her is unwarranted and overblown. but at the end of the day you can think whatever you want.

    7. She isn't ANYWHERE except on her own forum and on Madonna forums, where 'Madonna fans' like you, non-stop compare and try to tell US how we should like BOTH artists.

      I am sorry, I like a few of her songs, but she is not original. RedOne, anyone? Born This Way is a terrible album. She is so overhyped it is beyond ridiculous and even a lot of her fans are tired of her and her fake ways.

      I mean going on Jay Leno and lying about Madonna's 'people' sending her a letter praising her song? LOL.

      Everyone, including a lot of Gaga's 'little dumpsters' with their lack of self-esteem and self-worth are tiring of her.

      And I don't hate her. I don't know her. I just know she doesn't have the 'it' or 'x' factor, she isn't pretty, she can't dance and she lies.

      Sorry, but she is awful.


  12. Good God. In-fighting is really annoying. It's a decent track very worthy of the dancefloor. Is it groundbreaking? No. But it's a fun little ditty and I like it. ALSO LOVED RAY OF LIGHT, MUSIC, MADONNA, TRUE BLUE, EROTICA, CONFESSIONS... Everything M has done I have enjoyed except for very tiny bits. MDNA will rock. Can't wait to see her again!!!

  13. i'm just thrilled & thankful we still have her...after all these years & she still makes music! any f*****g kind she wants!

  14. Madonna was always putting out music that was always a little ahead of the mainstream. Now it seems she is reveling in it and doesn't seem to care for the art or distinction of what makes her tick as an artist.

  15. Madonna does not work for either of you guys she works for her handlers and its time to pay up. Enjoy this for what it is, distraction for the sheeple and i can tell from the comments above that the sheeple are quite distracted. So once again Madonna and the men behind her have accomplished what they set out to accomplish. So shut up and shell out your hard earned money for her tour. The Whore of Babylon is worth it.

    1. lol

      Words from the ol' wise one, eh?

      You are funny! lolz

    2. You have a deformed sense of humor but i am always glad to make someone happy :)

      May the lolz be with you.

    3. ;)

      Now go listen to, 'Girl Gone Wild' with the speakers turned all the way up!!!!!!!!!!

  16. very strange - madonna "fans" fighting..
    stop it & dance!

  17. The sun was shining gloriously today in Wales and I was in my car with the top down Give Me All Your Luvin' booming crisply from my speakers. Such happiness. Euphoric and groovetastic.

    Checked the brand new Q magazine today and they have an awesome review of the song, it's their download of the month and they describe it as her best all out pop sing in a decade. I fucking concur. x

  18. Damn typo, "her best pop SONG in a decade" x

  19. Also wanna add that her new stuff, which seems to have upset some 'fans' because it is "just more" cutting edge dance, reminds me a lot of her very early stuff, the vibe, feeling, sentiment - like Physical Attraction and the stuff that makes you feel good off the 1st album, only with much more intense, squelchy, boombastic and contemporary production x

  20. Needless to say, though I would also love another Like a Prayer / Ray of Light in terms of introspection, I'm loving the new stuff. It's Madonna's ride, she is where she is in life. She obviously wants more fun and, man, her fun is the shit. If you aint in the mood for it, get off the ride.

  21. Lot of people here convincing themselves to like these tracks. Kind of like the story The emperors new clothes. Fair do's each to their own. But as an owner and player of every one of madonnas albums, well not Hard candy of course, I can tell you, its all crap. Wheres the art? Wheres the beauty? Wheres the innovation. Im measuring it by a standard Madonna herself set.