Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Madonna Introduces Slacklining to The World

"Sketchy Andy" Lewis and Madonna. Photo: Kevin Mazur

Grimy and Decadent Underground 80's New York Club scene, plethora of Forgotten Stars, Artists and Films pre-TCM & internet, Vogueing...on and on and on the list goes. Madonna has introduced so many things to Pop Culture. Now, in the Most Watched Moment in Television History - Madonna's Super Bowl Half-Time Show - we can now add Slacklining to the that list.



    what about the guy on the right...

  2. The Music part was everything 4 me!! Loved how she used this guy, spectaculara!! And her inner gogodancer showed up..Please God, let Stuart Price be the musical director for the tour and bring in B Ã…kerlund as wardrobe styling!!!

  3. She's always ahead of the rest,
    How long before lady bah bah steals this gimmick

  4. I'd rather she ditch Jamie king and start fresh. But lets face it, the Superbowl was great. The entrance was an homage to Liz Taylor and showed her status as an icon. the rest was to showcase her new song which was awesome and give us some classics. She did awesome. Prince or Springsteen or the who or the blackeyed peas wouldn't rake in that many viewers. Those record breaking ratings were only achieved because of her. For only 12 minutes she pulled off history and gave the world a look at this wire dancing Guy. Seemed very Cirque de soleil to me bur isn't she doing biz with the shows producers? I'm afraid I have to miss the new tour live since she isn't going near me. I've seen her twice and it solidified in me why she is who she is. The ultimate living entertainer. I wish non fans I've known would go to see her and I think they would then understand too. Even a non fan would enjoy her shows because they are so spectacular and entertaining on all levels. I hate I missed the confessions tour. The closest she came to me was Atlantic city and that was too far away. The sticky and sweet tour I'm glad I bypassed all together. I don't get how that tour made so much money as it did. Inflation? It did nothing for me. I guess we won't know the theme of this new tour until more singles and promo performances are out there but I'm anxious to see it unfold. Cheers.

  5. i feel like Pink inspired her and other artists to incorporate cirque soleil into their acts with her tour and subsequent Grammys performance. she really introduced that element to the music industry. credit where it's due.