Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Today!!!

Can't Wait! That's the first and last time you will ever hear that from me!


  1. Hi! My name is Marcelo, I'm a brazilian cartoonist and I'd like to share my artwork in tribute for Madonna

  2. Nice job Marcelo :)
    Can anyone tell me the significance of the number 36 on all the jerseys in Madonna's video? I know she had a fear of dying of cancer at the age of 36 but other than that i cannot find any Madonna connection. Also the symbolism in the video intrigues me, why are there mounted football players on the walls, whats with the baby in the video , the Marilyn Monroe reference and why are the athletes faceless??? I cant wait for vigilant citizen to dissect the video but till then.

    1. HI ObiVon and thanks for you've enjoying my artwork ;)

      About the number 36, there's something about fear, but not of cancer's die. I think this is about kaballah because there's reationship between the Hebrew words and numbers. These players actually represent the way the Kabbalists see and interact with the material and spiritual worlds.

      Thus, the video symbolizes Madonna manipulating reality in their favor based on Kabbalistic knowledge.

      At least that's what I think ... ;)

    2. PS: the number 36 there's something about a "meditation of Fear" on kaballah's practice.

  3. I am so BEYOND excited for this! been blasting White Heat and Where's the Party with close friends for hours!

  4. OBIVON, My friend told me today that the baby represents all of the other pop stars feeding off of her. I think that's a good interpretation. :)