Saturday, February 18, 2012

Go see Madonna's W.E. this Weekend!

Dig the Patti Smith quote on the ad. I hope everyone here has seen W.E. I have seen it three times, every frame is glorious.

Tickets HERE.

I've revisited the Press Conference from Toronto after seeing it and it's fascinating to see the director and cast discuss their roles.

part 1


  1. W.E is another triumph for Madonna! I'm certainly glad she and Patti Smith are Friends. Just for the Record, I once had copies of Dream of Life, Gone Again and Peace/Noise. Surprisngly, later Patti sounds like slower Madge!

  2. i want to see it if t would play in ct. i cant tell you how much i adore the soundtrack! amazingly i love it at the gym during my warm ups! lovely!

  3. I live in the 5th largest (and shittiest) city in California and W.E. will not be playing here anytime soon.

    I want to see it!

  4. I'll be seeing it next weekend, looking forward to it!

  5. SAW IT 3 times! Listing to MP now! and I LOVE PATTI SMITH IN THE AD!

  6. I live in a major city in central Canada and there is absolutely NO such movie playing. I think she only let Toronto have it. Really? And she thinks it is going be a success? I really think she should give Guy O the heave-ho!!