Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where is that Fabien Baron Madonna Retrospective Coffee Table Book?

@guyoseary : Super 8 footage shot by Fabien Baron. Madonna in Miami 1992.

Remember in 2009, when art director Fabien Baron spoke a career spanning retrospective coffee table book featuring Madonna from the beginning of her career until present with the works of everyone from Herb Ritts, Steven Meisel and more? What happened? What better time to release a photography book of the Queen of Pop Life than now?!


  1. I'm still depressed I didn't buy the Xtatic pro RSS book. :-(

    1. It's for sale at a used record store in L.A. called Rock-a-Way Records in Silverlake for $1,000. I bought a shyt load of books and promo stuff they had for sale. Check it out if you're in L.A.

    2. I truly considered it. I think it was $500 if I remember correctly with about 1500 printed. Does that sound right? I thought of it as an investment that I knew would gain value. Unfortunately my credit card was pretty thin at the time and I passed it by.

    3. It was about $300 or $350. At the time I couldn't afford it and I didn't like the paper they printed it on. But it definitely is a must have for the collection. Sigh....

  2. I was just thinking the same thing when posting some Siung Fat Tjia related entries on my blog. Baron and Tjia are (were) partners at the time of the Erotica era. This project has probably been shelved since it was mentioned back in 2009.
    Ashame because I'm sure it would of been incredible. Ritts has an amazing outtake catalogue that should be in print.

  3. PUD!!!

    I've been asking this question to friends repeatedly for the last year. Everyone seems to have forgotten about this book but not me (or you!).

    I want stuff like this BADLY!!