Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Must Love Her

...and one day you will kiss her ass like blithering fools.

5 months after giving birth to her first born child, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, Madonna appeared on the Academy Awards to perform You Must Love Me from Evita in 1997. The song, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, was nominated (and won), her performance in the film was not.

Madonna's brilliant performance as Eva Peron in Evita should have been nominated for Best Actress, as it would have been had it been any other actress portraying her. As with her original penned songs, The Academy refuses to give a nod to Madonna and like the majority of the public, including some fans, they reject any other Madonna than her original role as the dirty pop slut.

For some odd reason, the public is only comfortable with categorizing Madonna as The (Still) Desperately Sought Susan. Unfortunate for all of them. And since that is the case 27 years later, they should have awarded that performance with Best Actress.


  1. watching her performing this song is painful as listening to it is a torture to an ear. And I love M. very much.

  2. I am in total accordance and agreement with you Pud! Madonna is criminally underrated as a singer, artist and Music maker. As far as I'm concerned, You Must Love Me is right up there with her best songs and performances! There is a sadness and a rage to this song! Deep in her heart and soul, Lady Madonna loves You Must Love Me. It is a ballad that is very special to her. Sure, Evita was unfairly overlooked! Moreover, Madonna is Loved by Rock Critics-Rolling Stone, Q, USA Today-and by Rock Fans who recognize a genuine heroine when they see one! Madonna has every right to feel sad! To that end, We Must Love Her! Lady Madonna is the Last of Her Kind! Beautiful Song Miss Ciccone! Madonna Forever!

  3. biggest balls in the biz 2 perform this after being shunned.

  4. There were other shunned actresses who actually protested that year and when Madonna was presented they showed Barbra Streisand in the audience like saying that Madonna had a more dignifying attitude than the one Streisand had by no singing her nominated song.
    Lady Madonna.

  5. Madonna gave an incredible performance in Evita and deserved a nomination. I loved her performance of YMLM on the Oscars and it was pretty cool of her to do less no nomination for an acting award.

  6. Unfortunately I have to say I do not like this performance, or this song for her in this key. The S&S version brought it up half an octave and it sounded ten times better.

  7. I agree on the Evita performance. I also agree on the original song comment, however, not all of the songs in the past have been eligible. Into the Groove, Live to Tell and I'll Remember were not written specifically for the films they were in, therefore, they couldn't have been nominated. Same goes for Crazy For You. Biggest snub; This Used To Be My Playground - this song directly connected with the movie, which was well reviewed and well liked. Plus, it's the type of song that usually gets nominated.

  8. In my opinion, Madonna doesn't need awards to validate her abilities. As long as we all enjoyed Evita and it was a big success, I think that's all that matters. Dont get me wrong. It would be nice for her to win an award for that too. But let's not forget that it took Madonna something like 16 years to win a Grammy for her music. And by then she never really needed a fuckin' Grammy anyway. Her music has always been timeless regardless of Grammy votes or not. They still play cuts from her first album on the radio today in regular rotation. That speaks volumes about her music.

  9. the sticky&sweet performance of this song is WAY better than than. the oscars performance is good, but in S&S tour she sang this way better!
    and even though it wasn't the first time she performed at the oscars, she sounds quite anxious. like she was taking an exam to something..

    and i agree with you pud regarding what you said about the most of the people and some fans who don't want to see madonna in a different role than that of the queen of pop.

    and i think they will never accept her because she is not the typical pop artist: a good voice, some fashionable clothes, a few sexy moves and that's it.
    she's far beyond all these. without having the BIG voice, she achieved to become the greatest pop artist ever and people can't handle this.

    1. "without having the BIG voice, she achieved to become the greatest pop artist ever and people can't handle this."


  10. I still adore this song. one of her best ballads. Beautiful.

    This performance at the Oscars was great. The first half, you could tell she was incredibly nervous with the shaky vocals, then she blew them away with her great vocals on the second half.

    Love! Love!! Love!!!

  11. One of my all time favourite live performances. I love that her voice isn't note/pitch perfect, it's real and honest and incredibly moving and raw. I have seen/heard this a million times and I still wait for her to break down at any moment. Magnificent.

  12. i love that. her performance was stunning