Thursday, February 2, 2012

You want her to be like your best friend who lives in Sherman Oaks?

She's a Pop Star for 30 Years: She is the Queen of Pop.

The answer to that question is YES, sheep and commons want to relate to their nothing stars today. Madonna's a Real Star.

TMZ chiming in on Madonna Super Bowl appearance.
Kudos to the dude who let Harvey Raisin have it. Snap Snap cunt.


  1. What's TMZ Harvey know???! and where is this Sherman Oaks we speak of?! Madonna is a smart dry cunt from birth and we love her for it! Oh and Pud yr the cunt too!

  2. This 'muther-fucker' wouldn't know a 'good-thing' if it was staring him in the face. Just hate the way these a-holes become experts on pop-culture & telling every fucker what is MADONNA said "WHEN I WANT YOUR OPINION, I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU", go fuck yourself Mr know-it-all (rant over) LOL <3

  3. what boggles me about this is that that Harvey guy is what? 50? Madonna has been the same since 1982 and they are just NOW realizing she has an attitude? what is this? Forrest Gump? I don't get it.

    And lol that gay guy really let him have it. I bet he hates Gaga. He has to.

  4. Also, all that she buys into her own hype, shocks for commercial purposes is something more fitting to say of gaga than madonna.

    1. The only thing shocking about Lady Gaga is the fact that anyone thinks she is a star or has the 'it' factor.

  5. love that queen that came to her defense! tell it like it is honey!

  6. This was phenomenal. The queen at the end, priceless!! Bless her heart!

  7. OMG! Was that Ramon or Maar at the end of the video?


  8. Bwahahaha love it - this looks somewhat like a set up gag to be honest. Just glad they ended on a Fierce note - The Truth always wins LOL

  9. That Madonna soldier at the end is @thejohnnylopez on Twitter. Congratulate him!