Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girl Gone Wild Mixes!

New Promo Pic.



  1. I love Dave and Offers mix. The rest? Not so much.

    Hot pic!

  2. The David Aude rimix is sick!!! I usually never liked his sound.

  3. Dear Madonna!

    There always will be a sacred altar in a secluded corner of my soul which I`ve built in honor of you. You are – my greatest passion and the biggest love which makes me stronger. Your sweet tracks follow me since my childhood. Your holy spirit strides with me on the Road of Life. Once I saw you... And my life had changed.
    You are so free, sexual and irresistible! You`ve made me understand, how wonderful the woman can be. I was a quiet girl from ballet school, with a heap of complexes and fears. But you`ve helped me to turn into what I am. You`ve opened my eyes. You`ve resurrected my soul when my mother died. I know
    that you`ve lost Your Mother at the age of 5. Me at the age of 18. I know how do it hurts to loose your Dearest... But your invisible presence made me strong during the hardest moments of my life. Thank you for all this!
    I love you, Dear Madonna! I adore you. I worship you! You are the personality, whose fan I will be forever! You are the Queen of the whole Universe. You choose people to be pleasant to like portrait of Mona Lisa. You choose the souls to strike. Once I`ve become your fan. And will love you forever.
    Your provocative shows impressed my mind so deeply. Touched my soul. Inflamed my heart. I respect your tremendous internal force and commitment. You are – an icon of pop music and the biggest authority to me. You`ve taught me to be independent and firm. To fight for myself. To appreciate the woman in myself. To tempt, to intrigue and to shock just like you do. Thank you for all that! Now I`m also an artist.
    I`ve wrote about my biggest love to you in the book "Devushka so shramom. Istoriya nepravilnogo cheloveka." I`m the author of this novel that I`ve dedicated to you.
    Dear Madonna! You`ve become more than just an icon to me. More than faith and religion. When you came to Moscow at 2007 I had been at your concert. I was standing so close to the stage and felt like in Paradise when our eyes had met for just a second. I will be at your concert in Moscow again At 7-th August 2012. I`ll be there to feel you closer...
    My most biggest dream is to look into your magic eyes of an emerald colour. To kiss your hand and to tell: «Thank you for everything. You`ve become my Mother and my biggest love. Thank for making me stronger. When support was necessary for me I just simply listened to your voice and wanted to live,
    for a minute without surrendering».
    I say all this just to say how much I love you, Dear Madonna...! God bless you and your family! Thank you for what you do. You inspirate fragile souls, save this world with the real beauty and make our lives worth of living. You are the best! You are the one! I will always love you. My soul
    belongs to you... I will always stay an invisible angel by your side.

    From Russia with love. Sincerely yours, Frida Freak.

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    Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Radio Edit)
    Girl Gone Wild (Dave Audé Club Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Offer Nissim Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Lucky Date Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Kim Fai Remix)
    Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Extended Mix)

  5. Is that on itunes or just leaked all on the net? You are not helping the situation by linking all this on front page either

  6. Pud! Thank you for linking these from my site! I hope that you're enjoying it!

  7. my pleasure, of course. LUV the site. added it to the links. xo