Friday, March 9, 2012

Girl Gone Wild Video Teaser!!!

And it's fab-u-lous!!! I know it's only a few seconds but it reminds me of Erotica and the Sex Book. Looks fantastic and can't wait for the entire thing.


  1. i like it! it's very artistic!
    i love everything in b&w anyway.
    she's going back in early 90s with this video. one of her best eras in my opinion :)

  2. I love it. I already LOVE the song. Loving the images too.

    On another note, remember that old fart Ramon H.? The hater that comes here and complain about every little thing Madonna does?


    Now I understand why he is such an unhappy nasty bitter human being: THIS is him: (note that that tumblr is called "Gente Feia na Net" - "Ugly People on the Web").

    Look at his face. It's awful. His body is a disgrace. And he is still in his 20s.

    No wonder why he hates everything Madonna does - it's pure envy. He envies Madonna's looks, discipline and dedication to herself. Not to mention that he lacks talent, and understanding about the arts - the complete opposite of Madonna.

    This is his tumblr - - and he is already blabbing about how "awful" the video for Girl Gone Wild is. Note: he loves Courtney Love. LOL

    Can I respect someone like that? No.

    1. Just for the record:

      Disrespect my girl (Madonna), I'll find you wherever you are and disrespect you and your fatherucking mother.

    2. He's workin' that towel and shower shoes like nobody's business :)

    3. ramon is a little bit different but i adore him. i do think he struggles with things and like most of the public and especially madonna fans, when the product is released they dont appreciate it until its aged - and what they dont understand, that is the process of music.

      i remember back in the day getting an album, of course it was a personal experience. on the first listen, i had my stand out tracks and then as i experienced it more and more, i would start appreciating different things about the other tracks.

      that way of experiencing music has vanished because of the internet. you get everyones opinions immediately. from all around the world. its no longer a personal experience, its a group effort and really, i dont need everyone to like what i like or like what someone else likes to make it 'work' for me.

      everyones a critic these days. as well as a manager of someones career. SHE SHOULD DO THIS, SHE SHOULD DO THAT, SHE SHOULDVE DONE THIS INSTEAD, THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST SINGLE. its bizarre.

      no, she should do what the fuck she wants. like it or leave it.

    4. WOW! Super excited to see this vid. in it's full glory.

      However, I'm a little disheartened at the above comments; namely those of Linda.

      It's fine to attack someone's credibility or opinion because we all have our own unique perspectives on things. I find it kind of offensive, though, when you attack someone based on their physical appearance.

      We all are familiar with the ageist attacks that Madonna has faced. What you are engaging in is called lookism. Simply put, no one should be judged for anything that they themselves can not help (of course Ramon's build is somewhat within his control, commenting on it is still mean-hearted).

      SO...instead of focusing you opinions on someone's looks, why don't you focus your attention on his perspective. That is something that can be judged.

      No one wants to come here to read your personal assessments of beauty.

      On another note, Madonna's new vid is off the hook. Kudos to her for doing what she wants, when she wants, despite everyone!

    5. You're absolutly right. What I find the most entertaining is that basically Linda just said she respects nobody's opinion unless they are attractive to her. And how do you know he doesn't take care of himself? Being slightly overweight doesn't make you unhealthy at all and it certainly doesn't mean you can't have a valid point of view. He could be very healthy for all we know. Shame on you Linda.

    6. @seanCD2 and @Alan Norman

      Now you will see me attack someone on their ignorance.

      You both are ignorant brainless fuckers.

      Before trying to say I am criticizing Ramon H for his looks, you should have taken the time to check his website (which I provided).

      I did it on purpose.

      Ramon H's tumblr is dedicated to criticizing other people's ugliness and over estimating beauty.


      That is exactly why I made a clear point in criticizing his looks.

      But you two didn't know that. You are two ignorant misinformed dumb fuckers who decided to judge my comment without even investigating the content of what I mentioned. Although something tells me that, even if you had looked at Ramon's tumblr, and seen for yourselves that he criticizes people's looks, you would not have understood that I was working as UPS for Karma.

      How does it feel to be such ignorant fuckers?

      If you're still not convinced, just check the link I provided. You will find endless posts on Lindsay Lohan's "current" ugliness, backhanded ageist hateful massages towards Meryl Streep (in defense of Faye Dunaway), and much MUCH more.

      His mote is "A Thing of Beauty" for Christ's sake!

      He is obsessed with judging what is real beauty, what's not. What is good and what's bad. That's exactly the reason why I criticized him using the same standards he uses.

      Just like Ramon H, you two should not even try to argue who is above you. Get in line and ask for a new brain. Both of you seanCD2 and Alan Norman

    7. @Linda lol, I'm flattered that you took the trouble to write such extensive paragraphs about me however the joke is on you because that person you posted IS NOT ME.

      I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. You want to see the real me? Go look for me on facebook, I have Liz Taylor as my avatar but you can see photos of me on my albums, which are PUBLIC. I KNOW HOW I LOOK LIKE, I KNOW I'M BALDING, HAVE A BIG NOSE AND CONSIDERED UGLY BY PEOPLE but you know what? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I CAN TAKE IT AS MUCH AS I CAN GIVE IT.

      And the reason why I don't show my face online it's not because of cowardice or anything of the sort, but because I KNOW that I'm not beautiful, so who wants to see me? I prefer to be that way as oppossed to be like those people who constantly put their ugly faces on avatars for the world to see, lord knows the world is already plagued with ugliness!!

      And I'm going to criticize THE HELL OUT OF THE CELEBRITIES I WANT, because that is why they are ON A PUBLIC FORUM, to be criticized. Amongs other things.

      One thing I would NEVER DO is actually criticize someone who is not a public figure and demean them like you demeaned that poor man that you in your AUDACIOUS MALIGNOUS IMBECILE STUPIDITY thought was me, LOL, honey it isn't me.

      @Pud I feel like such a terrible human being by not liking what Madonna is releasing, but that's just me, I can't do anything about it, I don't like it =( I'm not criticizing out of spite I SWEAR.

      And thank you Pud for defending me.

    8. LOL I am DYING at that loser Linda and her post backfiring. Now I know who is that IMBECILE sending me anonymous messages on Tumblr RELENTLESSLY about why I like Courtney Love, what the fuck do you care, I'm sure Courtney is greater and more beautiful than you will EVER be in your life.

      You think that you are going to mess with me?? LOL, Honey THINK AGAIN.

    9. You seem angry Linda. What a slew of baseless attacks. I did, in fact, look at Ramon's blog. And no where in my response did I say I condone his perspectives on beauty. I was addressing your comments, so Ramon's blog and his views are irrelevant in this context. When/if Ramon decides to come here and say nasty things about how someone else looks, I'll chime in. That you can trust.

      All I got after looking at Ramon's site was a feeling of sadness, just as your mean comments made me feel sad. If I wanted others' thoughts on beauty, I'd go to such a site. However, this isn't something that interests me, which is why I visit Pud's blog, because it IS something that interests me. Namely, Madonna.

      Racism, agesim, heterosexism, lookism, etc are all the same thing. It's the act attacking someone for being something they can't control. And I personally feel it is my duty as a member of the human race to call bullshit when I see it. If you have such a problem with Ramon's blog, you should go there and take that up with him; not at a Madonna blog where people are seeking news about Madonna.

      And, if you know anything about argumentation, citing the actions of another (which you yourself said you don't like) as a reason to engage in those same behaviors is problematic. That's like saying "I'm going to be racially prejudice because I experienced racism myself." Sorry, that doesn't stand up. If you find a problem with the way someone is behaving, you address that behavior through a dialogue, not attacks.

      I don't care or want to read about what you or Ramon think beauty is. That's not why I come to this blog. If you have something to say about Madonna, I'm sure everyone here would be interested in reading your thoughts. If you want to rant about how ugly you think certain people are, start your own blog.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. @Ramon (this is SeanCD2, just changed my screen name)

      Since the blog Linda in referring to isn't yours (nor is the person in the photo), consider my comments as not directed at you. Just trying to call disgusting prejudice when I see it ;) Kudos to you for not giving a fuck.

    12. @Ramon H.

      Darling, that IS you and you know it.

      Can I find on YOUR OWN tumblr that you posted your own pic online, sent to Angelina Jolie-ing? Yes.

      Don't even think about deleting the post you talked about that picture on your own tumblr - I already have it captured - just waiting for the right moment to publish it, and, obviously, ridicule you a little more.

      But then, the more you deny it, the greater is gonna be when I publish the other information I have on you. So I win, anyway. Go ahead... do it.

      Everything can be checked on both tumblrs - your own and Angelina Jolie'ng. The chronological order it happened also helps prove that the thing in that pic is, indeed, you. Besides that, I have your IP address, honey. You didn't expect that, did you?

      Denying it, just takes your pathetic existence to another level.

      Keep'em coming... I can't wait to post more of you.

      And, no, honey, I don't send you anonymous messages on Tumblr. And, mmm... no, I am endlessly superior to C Love - both intellectually and physically.

      But you mentioned something interesting, that I was saving for a special post on pathetic losers on my new tumblr:

      I know for a fact that you keep login in and out of tumblr into different accounts just to send yourself anonymous questions... Again: your IP address reveals it.

      It's a pathetic game of schizophrenia. It's beautiful to watch, though.

    13. @Punch_the_clock A.K.A SeanCD2

      Yup. I was right the first time. You are a brainless stupid ignorant fuck:

      "And, if you know anything about argumentation, citing the actions of another (which you yourself said you don't like) as a reason to engage in those same behaviors is problematic. (...) If you have such a problem with Ramon's blog, you should go there and take that up with him; not at a Madonna blog where people are seeking news about Madonna. "

      --- MMm... let me check... isn't that what you are doing too? Yes, yes it is. Engaging in an argumentation just to "lecture" me on what I should say or not on a Madonna fansite. If you had a problem with what I said before, instead of engaging in an argument (which you still are doing), you would have found another way of letting me know about it. Also, note that you ended up contradicting yourself, after all, you are on a Madonna fan site not talking about Madonna right now. You're off-topic too. Just like I was.

      You told Ramon: "Kudos to you for not giving a fuck" --- It's kind of sad to have to point this out too, but you are wrong again. Ramon H. clearly gives a fuck about it - that's why he made a comment to let me know he "doesn't". It's like calling your ex just to say you don't care about him anymore. LOL If you don't give a fuck, you don't (somebody IS in desperate need of a new brain).

      And this exchange of arguments is taking longer because of people like you. If you had grasped the irony of my criticism towards Ramon (I criticized him using the same beauty standards he uses), I wouldn't be calling you an ignorant fuck right now. Or even if you hadn't understood the nature of my initial comment (which you didn't), but hadn't tried to intervene defending a pathetic loser that only comes here to say negative things about Madonna, I would not have needed to point out how you completely missed the point, and how you subsequently displayed a problematic cognitive ability.

    14. @Linda (my last response) I find it funny that you keep throwing the work "ignorant" around when every response you've directed towards me has been an attack on my intelligence (something of which you couldn't possibly know).

      You're like the mean kid at school who calls others' names when they feel threatened. Grow up. Lastly, you're right. I did engage in a discussion that was not "Madonna related." But if you gave any credence to context, which you obviously don't, you would realize that my doing this was directly prompted by your dumb shit remarks. If I had come to this blog and started talking shit about another commenter out of no where, then you'd have reason to say I'm contradicting myself. However, that's not how things went down.

      Lastly, you're not better, smarter, or more beautiful than any other person here, or on this planet for that matter. I would have agreed with you on "missing the irony" of your original post, but as you've proven in your response to everyone in this thread, you're clearly a mean spirited, petty, and spiteful person.

      Madonna would be ashamed to have you as a fan. That's not what she stands for, or this blog for that matter. So to say what I should've said when I first responded to you: SHUT THE FUCK UP SHIT BAG

    15. @Linda Loira e Japonesa

      You have way too much time on your hands. Like why even bother mentioning this crap. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to bash someone looks is just plain ole cruel, even if (or not) they have a silly website. You must be really insecure to write all that crap. I can't see a beautiful person (inside or out) write such trash and gang up on someone (all on own your own btw).

      Anyways, look me up since you have nothing better to do..and feel free to trash me as well...could care less.

      ps: I dare your to post a pic and let other judge what you look like. Im guess it will probably match your personality...ugly. But, I could be wrong..and plus I really don't give a fuck what you look like.

      @Ramon H.


      and LIFE GOES ON PEOPLE....what would Madonna do?


    16. A disgrace is that you Linda took the time to find out about Ramon and then posted pics of him trying to make him look bad because the way he looks. That IS a disgrace.

    17. @Linda LOL keep diggin a hole for yourself you stupid bitch. I did sent a picture to the Angelina Jolie blog but I had a RED SHIRT AND A MAGAZINE WITH ANGELINA JOLIE ON THE COVER COVERING MY FACE, so you can't see who it is. Like I said I'm not afraid of people seeing the real me so by all means post all you've got off me, see if I fucking care you imbecile bitch, you can't even hack someone properly lol, like I said that one you posted isn't even me. Aslo, I only have ONE Tumblr and I don't ask questions to myself.

      @punch the clock, the first link this troll Linda bitch posted is not my site and definetely NOT ME, but the second link, is indeed my blog. I do talk about people's looks in there but contrary to what Linda says, I post celebrities that I think are beautiful and I mostly just criticize Gaga and Lindsay Lohan on occation, I don't see what's the big deal with this Linda bitch, they are public figures and they are open to criticism, but that's just my opinion, Linda seems derranged.

    18. @Ramon H, Honestly dude, you're free to post whatever content you wish on your own blog. That's your right. If I don't like what a certain blog represents, I simply don't subscribe to it. And whether that pic is you or not (I believe it's not because you said so), it doesn't matter because the point is, no one should be coming to this blog to spew hateful shit about another commenter. Linda's behavior is disgusting and I feel compelled to protect the positivity of Pud's blog.

    19. So sad we have so much internet bullying today :(

      We should be united by our love for Madonna!

    20. Ramon... what a laughing stock that man is

    21. @Punch_the_clock

      Oh, yeah, SeanCD2, now we're talking: "SHUT THE FUCK UP SHIT BAG". I'd much rather this than your phony hypocrite intervention of yore.
      But let me tell you, I sure am smarter than you. I don't know how you look like, and I don't really care about beauty - the fact that you keep talking about it, is another proof of your ignorance. Let me explain once again: I criticized Ramon H. on his looks because he criticizes everybody on his website on their looks, and has been complaining about Madonna non-stop. And you even have the nerve to say I can't judge your "intelligence". How many times will I have to explain my take on "beauty and Ramon" for you to understand? Dumbfuck still didn't get it, huh?

      Oh, and one more thing: Madonna IS a bitch. She would actually be very proud of having a fan who goes straight to the point with motherfuckers like you. I even got my dirty mouth from her. Do you want to talk about what she stands for? She stands for doing whatever it takes to be on the top. Including, being perceived as a bitch, harsh, cold, heartless woman. Sometimes, even being perceived as a bimbo was useful. So yeah, what are all the negative things you are so sure about me anyways? LOL


      It's kinda cute how you believe I must be an insecure person, and ugly. But maybe, just maybe, I am just the right person who comes to shake things up and cut the crap, the phoniness. Have you heard of Karma? Yeah, Ramon H. spends his time not only trashing Madonna's new music (in fact, he has been awful about her since Hard Candy - ask his opinion about it), but also trashing other people's - discussing how ugly and "over" Britney, Lindsay, and Gaga are (well, I 100% agree on the Gaga part), or how awful Taylor Swift is, or how terrible and greedy Meryl Streep is and bla bla bla... Be a little smart and do yourself a favor, read the previous comments, you will understand that I called Ramon H ugly because he does it all the time.

      @Ramon H. I'm loving it. You so fucking care that you are still talking about it and denying it. "I mostly just criticize Gaga and Lindsay Lohan on occasion" - occasion? That is a very danferous thing to do. Anyone who decides to check your tumblr will see that you post musltiple entries a day criticizing other people's looks - not only gaga or Lohan.

      And even if I were utterly wrong about your pic (as you want them to believe I am), you already stated yourself: you are an ugly, unhappy person. Yet, you feel the right to criticize other people's looks jjust because they are celebrities. I have the right to criticize you, the same way you can criticize anyone, famous or not.


      Sorry honey, You came in too late. Read the old comments, you will find out that the one who made a habit of criticizing people's looks is Ramon H.

    22. @Linda lol, Madonna stands for getting to the top no matter what? please, don't project YOUR WRETCHED GOOD FOR NOTHING PERSONALITY unto Madonna's, she stands NOT for those things.

      And lol, you act like you've given me this MORTAL BLOW with that picture THAT ISN'T EVEN ME lol, I'm really laughing my ass off at your delusion and stupidity. What a funny day.

    23. @Ramon H.

      Guurl, don't even talk about personality - you have no idea who you are talking to. LOL You follow me on tumblr and don't even know who I am! Surprise! Surprise!

      However, I can talk about your personality: a self-pitting old fart who, unlike Madonna, does not evolve with the times, absolutely hates everything Madonna's done since Hard Candy, spend your days reblogging pictures of Liz Taylor, criticizing other celebrities' looks and telling the world how awful your life is and how you hate your parents. Wait... for a split second I was sure you were in your late 20s. But no, you can't be. I just described a teenager.

      Now tell me, what do you know about me to make you an expert on my personality? Hopefully you've got more than my comments on this blog, after all, I too can judge (and I have judged) and notice your unhappy and miserable existence through your comments on here.

      Note one thing: this was the first time my comments did not revolve on Madonna. I guess this is another major characteristic that differs me and you: you are always nasty when you talk about Madonna. Talk about a "WRETCHED GOOD FOR NOTHING PERSONALITY".

      -- LOL

      Oh, and I forgot to ask you two things. You said: "I'm sure Courtney is greater and more beautiful than you will EVER be in your life." 1) More beautiful than me me in what era - before several plastic surgeries or after her numerous intervention? You know, she looked like a filthy white trash bitch (as the female dog) before, and she looks awful now. I win on both period, TBH. Ad 2) Greater than me? Honey, even a nothing like you is greater than Courtney Love. She is a failure as a songwriter, she only knows how to play half a dozen chords in the guitar and she will always be a loser drugged-retarded crack whore trash piece of shit. Even YOU can be greater than her - and it wouldn't take much effort.

      And yeah, I am messing with you.

      Oh, by the way, I love it how you called Tony a "dumbass" just because he doesn't like the album MUSIC like you do. That shows exactly the kind of person I described and talked about before.

      But hey, you must be feeling special today: you constantly act like a complete asshole, trashing Madonna's music and other people's looks and opinions and when one person (me) attacks you by using your own rationale, you have a group of people defending you. Lovely! Poor victimized bully Ramon H - on the same level as Lady caca and PigRez Hilton. You made it, little monster (no pun intended).

    24. OMG is this for real?? Why are you so obsessed with me?? lol. And who the fuck are you on tumblr so that I can unfollow your fucking ass. Are you allaboutmadonna?? I'll unfollow you bitch.

    25. @Ramon H.

      Speaking of obsession... thanks for thinking of me and mentioning me on your tumblr. But no, that was not me.

      1) I admire Faye Dunaway, so it wasn't me criticizing her.
      2) Everytime I talk to you on tumblr, I don't do it as anonymous (that's for wimps).

      The funny thing is: you adore my tumblr and very often reblog what I post. Too bad it's not like that the other way around.

      It's fun knowing that you hate me so much right now, but keep reblogging me. Ignorance is bliss.

      Keep up the good work. LOL

  3. LOL, oh HELL-NO, he went there!!!

  4. "I'm gagging! No way!" I love it :-) Vintage Madonna! Love it all, as Pud would say :-)

  5. I love it! I'm not a fan of the song. But after seeing this, I'm starting to like it.

    Now that her superbowl performance is done, she can go back to being the, button-pushing-diva, we all fell in love with.

  6. love it, brilliant, sexy, hot and i love the song so much

  7. Absolutely. Fabulous.

  8. It looks great..can't wait to see the full vid!!!! love/love/love it!! <3

  9. Ok lets get back to GGW! I fucking love it. Its MODERN SEX ERA 3.0! I haven't had a hard on for music video in a LONG TIME. I love how a Madonna video can redefine a song. I love GGW even more!
    PS i love Ramon and I understand him. LEAVE RAMON ALONE! Ramon are you tumbling anymore? Never see you. PLEASE COME BACK AND LET THEM ALL HAVE IT!

  10. Still think shes lost the attitude in her voice and the video is too reliant on past glories. 'Re-invention' would be preferable to 'Stagnation'.

  11. Brilliant!! I see hints of Erotica... Human Nature... Bad Girl... looks like a greatest hits video! hope they shoot the video sequences for the tour

  12. Why are the negative nancies/little dumpsters the ones sticking up for Ramon (minus pud)? Quite telling.

    Can't wait for the video!!

    1. Isn't that hilarious?

      That old fart aka Madonna hater from Panama can call half the world ugly and hate on Madonna's music efforts non-stop. But the moment one single person calls him ugly, he becomes someone who needs defending.


      I am loving it, Tony.


    2. Because Linda is trying to make him look bad cuz the way he looks, that is why. You smart-ass. Go and worship everything Madonna does, you idiot. Oh wait, you dont like deeper and deeper, one more chance and ROL. LOL !

    3. I bet you think Music is a great album, Maar. LOL!

      Linda, not sure if making fun of ones appearance is the best thing to do, to be fair, Madonna is a public figure.

      I'd love to see a pic of Maar and evrybdy :)

    4. @Tony Music is a GREAT ALBUM and you think you are such a special snowflake for not liking it, you are just a dumbass. It's probably her best album.

    5. @Ramon, Tony thinks because he doesnt like something it makes it a fact. He is just delusional.

    6. Tony is an embarassing idiot. He's on Linda's category.

    7. @Ramon H and Maar:

      Oh, the irony. Disrespecting the man for not liking an album you do. LOL - "you are just a dumbass. It's probably her best album" (Ramon) or "Go and worship everything Madonna does, you idiot." (Maar).


      yeah, folks, that's Ramon and his friends for you to defend.

    8. lol@Maar being BLASTED by saying i love everything she does lol.

      sorry, the Music album is void of any emotion. it's cold, emotionless and void of any human warmth. YUCK.

    9. Are you kidding me? Songs like I Deserve It and Gone have no warmth?? fuck you. Her voice has never sounded more warm and human than on Music. FUCK YOU.

    10. You dont like it and its fine but you ALWAYS try to make it a a fact and it doesnt work that way Tonita. You love try to make people look bad and stupid when they dont like something that you do. Typical of you.

    11. @Ramon - You're ugly!
      @Maar - it is always my opinion, not fact, obviously.

    12. You know what I am so drunk right now reading this, about to go out to a gay bar and probably get laid tonight. And this BITCH is going to help me be it new school or old. STOP THE HATE AND GET SEX!

      Music is amazing. Warmth vaginal seduction.

      Ladies, put the claws back in please and lets all just make love to the music.


    13. ^ it.

    14. EVERYONE HEAL! HEAAAAAAL. Madonna fans should not fight.
      Breath and now lets enjoy life.

  13. SEXY AND HELL !!! It has sex written all over it.

  14. Can we save talking about message board people for a year when there's not A NEW MADONNA ALBUM COMING OUT PLEASE?

    It's not like "Revolver" just came out people -

    IT'S MDNA time!

  15. Agree with Jeremy. This is beyond exciting. Both Billboard and MTV have given this gowing reviews as well.

    1. Almost EVERY review has been positive.

      Can't wait for the damn album!!!!!

      Time to rejoice!

  16. I believe so. Many have said this is one of her best. I just can't even fathom. I know touring is the main priority BUT PLEASE M, put out ateast another two singles and give them great little videos baby.

    I can't wait to see the rest of the video. I hope it's dark. I WANT SOME LESBIANS IN THERE TO! An ode to the gamy community, not just gay men.

  17. Jesus, so much drama and back and forth...and who the hell is this Linda with all of her threats and "I know your IP address" crap?

    Good fucking lord, grow up people!

    Anyhow, the video looks promising and sexy. Looking forward to it.

  18. Girl Gone Wild=Straight to the top! Madonna=#1 Rocker! Sexy, hot and beautiful!

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