Friday, March 16, 2012

#Madonna 'Girl Gone Wild' Video Commercial for E!

Madonna's Girl Gone Wild video will premiere this coming Tuesday on E! News.


  1. LMAO I loved the voice over.

    Will bow your mind... AGAIN

    SO TRUE!

  2. Blow Our Mind... Again?
    It will only blow my mind if the video actually has a concept or some type of meaning/story behind it (and doing it for the gays does not count, it's 2012!). I have my fingers crossed that it will blow my mind, but judging from her previous videos, Madonna and her team have lost their magic touch for video making a long time ago.

    This looks like another behind the scenes fashion shoot with a few silly edits. I guess WE will need to be patient and wait and see and hope and prey until then that this video will BLOW our mind again (since Die Another Day?).

    I need another video like Vogue, Justify My Love, Cherish, Human Nature...omg wait judging from the clip that's just what we will get....GIVE It 2ME on crack?

    1. Cherish? Uhm, the video shot in one day, with no budget, in B&W??? LOL

      You people slay me.

      It seems as if Madonna hasn't made you happy in years. Maybe time to move on to someone else and go find happiness on their blog?

      Just a thought.

    2. Oh and Cherish? Shot in one day, in B&W, by a fashion photographer????? Like, 'Girl Gone Wild', yet you already know it will not be good?



  3. ayyyyyyy havent seen any video yet and already judging and tragic

  4. I liked the GITM video. I think for me her last great video was Hung Up. Fun and energetic. I think her last AWESOME video was Hollywood.

  5. I think the clips so far show incredible electricity and mirror the song. Before we judge too much lets watch the whole video. I for one felt that watching the GGW teaser clips made me love the song even more.

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