Monday, March 26, 2012

Madonna Slammed for Glamorizing the Drug Ecstasy


  1. Actually it's tacky but whatever
    Most of madonna fans r loons and druggies anyway

  2. lol.

    I've never tried a drug and I have been a fan since 1984. Nice try, Bonet.

    Also, she is referring to her own name by shortening it to MDNA and by implying her album is addictive like a drug. Nowhere does she promote a drug. Too funny.


    1. did you read the article?

      "DJ Deadmau5 was clearly watching when Madge took the stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend and shouted to the crowd, "How many people in this crowd have seen molly?" (check out video below at :45 mark)

      FYI -- "Molly" is a slang term for MDMA, one of the key ingredients in ecstasy ... a drug that's hugely popular with people in the electronic dance music community. "

    2. Oh Tony, read before you Queen out...

      Then she tried to cover it up during her twitter chat by saying she was referring to a song by one of her friends....

      Oh Madge, so obvious that was a cover up. She was trying hard to fit in with that crowd by mentioning 'Molly'. It backfired, which I think is appropriate. I’ve done some stuff back in the day (just like M has admitted), but I would never mention drug use to be relevant, especially as a 53 year old woman with 4 children. I love her, but she sounded a bit silly…

    3. Oh dear MadonnaEpicFailBlog and everybdy, read Madonna's twitter:

      HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY was the name of one of her possible producers songs.

      Dipshits always flapping the gums with nothing but tar and feces oozing out.


    4. oooh just read it was a cover up! Even though Cedric was having that song played there LOL

      what a douche.

      MadonnaBlog you arent wanted around here. Madonna fans are usually open minded and educated.

      Not conspiracy theorists.


  3. THe next accusation would be that she is causing Global Warming.
    People are so stupid!

  4. Duh. She's not promoting drug use. It's very known that X is a big part of the club scene. Asking a smart ass question is not promoting use. To this day...

  5. Pudd, your Live Traffic feed is not accurate. Every time I come on it says I'm from Coppell TX. I wouldn't DIE in that uppity, shh don't tell anyone, horrid landfill. Just sayin.

  6. This controversy is dumb, sorry I hardly call that glorifying, she asked a room full of thousands of clubbers if they were on X...I mean its like playing to a bar crowd and asking how many people are drunk tonight.

    Random that this is the controversy and not the cigarette she drags in her video for Girl Gone Wild. Smokes are the most addictive drug on the market, and the related deaths per year is astounding and they're LEGAL! C'mon people start from the Top and work your way down.

    1. Totally agree about smoking... Unfortunately, it does look sexy/tell a story about a character in video and art, but obviously not worth all the health issues associated with. I don’t get why people smoke when there are so many reasons not too.

    2. The really lame thing though is her "explanation" for the "Molly" comment. It's all ok - she was making reference to some song or other.

      Oh Duh, of course - everyone in the audience should have realised she wasn't making a flippant comment about a drug, but talking about a song by Cedric someone (!?!?!?!?!).

    3. she was definitely playing to the crowd, whether she's telling the truth about the song or not is irrelevant to how she said it.

      I didn't care about the comment, it was obvious to me that it was a easy target to get applause/reaction...but that's all I thought it was nothing more nothing less, not condoning, glorifying or otherwise.

      @themadonnablog, yeah its a sad fact, and Im not trying to be judgmental, I am a smoker, who has tried most other drugs for stupid reasons as one does when they are young. But its the smokes I hold as the most dangerous of anything Ive ever taken in the past, and the only one Im still addicted to today.

    4. I know a lot of smokers and they all say the same thing. It's an addiction. I understand from what they tell me, that it's really hard to quit. The best advice I can give is one from a friend who actually quit. He said it was the hardest thing to do and he failed many times, but what actually helped him quit was "not giving up". He said that you need to keep that desire to quit and to keep trying. At one point, I guess, it will work.

      GOOD LUCK!

    5. Smoking is nasty and can only become an addiction if you force yourself to stick those foul ass nasty ass things in your mouth over and over. They dont taste good and have no effect on you right away.

      Just because you are addicted, BlogDouche, doesn't mean it's that way for everyone. You always need something in your mouth like a dick or a cig, we know this.

      Again, proud to say I have never smoked or done drugs. Drugs are for losers or people who can't control themselves.


  7. the album title has been published for like a couple of months ago..
    old news. next.