Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Cross


  1. Madonna is the closest thing to Pray. Anything religious goes hand and hand with her. How could it not? Any other pop acts that have tried and copied have failed miserably, Black Jesus? Amen Fashion? I mean really? IT ALL BELONGS TO MADONNA!
    PS how genius are these Im a sinner lyrics?? Don't be skimmer read them wisely. PUR MADONNA!
    Hail Mary, full of grace
    Get down on your knees and pray
    Jesus Christ, hanging on the cross
    Died for our sins, it’s such a loss
    Saint Christopher, find my way
    I’ll be coming home one day
    Saint Sebastian, don’t you cry
    Let those poison arrows fly
    Saint Anthony, lost and found
    Thomas Aquina, just stand your ground
    All those saints and holy men
    Catch me before I sin again

    1. true, but she didn't invent it. religion informs other artists' lives too. are you gonna tell depeche mode that they can't have a song called 'personal jesus'?

    2. evrybdygegetget

      Of course DM can do that.Tons of people use religion and the imagery in their music/videos, but Madonna took it to a whole different level. Taking her disdain for the Catholic church and expressing it in her fashion, videos and music was truly revolutionary for a mainstream "Pop" artist. No one had ever been that brash and honest. She made people uncomfortable. And that is perfection.

    3. i agree with 39b947fe-7a01-11e0-a021-000bcdcb8a73 and trey.
      many artists have songs about religion and stuff but madonna was the one who mixed religion with sex.

  2. True and honest! Madonna is happy and sad, artistic and brilliant!