Thursday, April 19, 2012

#Madonna Boosted the Ratings for Rock Center.

Full Rock Center Interview

Therefore don't show a BOTCH EDITED version. Show minimum 20 minutes. I couldn't even tell you the other segments.

Up two-tenths of a point in the demo, to a 0.7. Total viewers a whopping 2.87 million. Close to what the 11:30-12:30 late-night shows get in total viewers.


  1. With each interviewer she makes them believe that she didn't know how many people watched the superbowl. I'd be annoyed if I was M. Do those people ever watch other interviews when they prepare, research Madonna before interviews? Everybody is a star these days, no one wants to work professionally at all.

  2. Love the fan, love the shows, love the hair, love her voice, love her poise! Gagging. I love it Pud would say :)

    1. You forgot to mention the shoes! I was gagging when they showed them in a long shot. I want her to step all over me in those shoes.

  3. Nice interview. Now for the tour!

  4. Bloody boring questions (except the one about Lourdes smoking)..... and the one about the album name wasn't even broadcasted. Though her amazing eyes somehow look even more amazing here!

  5. The first guy says "she's OLDER now!"
    The second asks her what did it mean to her to be watched by so many.

    We're ALL older now! And what a dumb question - of course she's thrilled.
    American interviewers are so awfully bad...