Thursday, April 26, 2012

#Madonna on Arsenio Hall 1990

I know how you feel.  You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me.  I get a lot of that.

For those in need of an interview.


  1. I love EVERYTHING from this time. And this interview sums it up. Gorgeous, funny, cheeky, sexy, provocative.

    I swear after the Sex backlash she never had the same spark in interviews.

    1. I agree kinda. But I always catch a glimpse of the Madonna we all love in every interview.

      I think the "backlash" hurt her more than she would ever admit too. But, ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS! And I believe she means it.

  2. This is her best interview! I fell in love all over again back in the day and watched it so much. She is the best! This will be great with a bottle of wine Friday night! Thanks

  3. <3 YOU Pud. You always know when to post at the right time! I am ONE in need of an interview...comparing her sit downs NOW to THEN. It's like you know what Imma thinking gerl

  4. Wow...she's so giggly and girly and relaxed! I forgot how she used to be. Love her then and love her now. I remember this interview..of course, pre-internet. They announced that she was gonna be on Arsenio on the radio. The only way I knew about it. And of course then you had to stay up and watch it. Cuz there was no way else you could catch it if you missed it or didn't have a VCR. She's fabulous and so ahead of her time.

  5. Omg I've never seen this in full! I didn't watch it back then because it was a school night. I only could watch him on Friday nights. But I remember hearing about this the next day.

  6. WOW! After all of this time I finally noticed he was a royal asshole to her from the start! She handled herself VERY well and started giving it back to him! In the end she kept pushing his buttons and she won! SOME GIRLS ARE NOT LIKE ME - TXS PUD