Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lest We Forget

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Take a moment and re-watch the EPK for MDNA.  Lately, negativity has been surrounding the radiant album that is Madonna's MDNA.  Nothing can take that away.  Continue to enjoy the genius.  She is coming in a few days.  In the flesh.

She did heaps of promotion just a few months ago.  It's all over the internet.  Cynthia McFadden, Jay Leno, Graham Norton, Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Fallon, the list goes on and on, she even sat down in the midnight hour with Harry Smith during her 16 hour rehearsal days for her MDNA Tour.

Revisit those interviews by clicking on each name, they're fabulous, insightful and she is gorgeous in every single one.  If you wanted to hear how each track was done, dream on, it's never happened like that and it never will.  Keep the mystery alive.


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  2. "She did heaps of promotion just a few months ago. It's all over the internet. Cynthia McFadden, Jay Leno, Graham Norton, Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Fallon".

    Yes, she did heaps of promotion, FOR HER MOVIE - W.E:

    Cynthia McFadden, Jay Leno, Graham Norton, Anderson Cooper, they were all for W.E.

    The fact that some of them asked about music and she said she would have an album coming out soon is NOT promotion for the album at all.

    And while the Jimmy Fallon interview was about the album, it does not enter in the same category as the others you mentioned.

    Madonna heavily promoted her film on TV, meaning :
    ANYONE who happened to turn their TV on on those channels at that time, could have seen her promoting her film.

    Her Jimmy Fallon interview is another story: it was on HER Facebook page. Only people who follow her on FaceBook saw it.

    It was what we call: MICRO-promotion. It was focused on the people who probably had already bought her album during pre-sale.

    A real promotion is when you get the word out on a product for everybody to hear, fans and non-fans. She didn't do it for MDNA. She did it for W.E.

    And yes, the album is brilliant.

    But no one can deny it: MDNA didn't do as well as it could have done because of the lack of promotion. If even Hard Candy had sold more than MDNA at this point in time, it is because she appeared on BET, gave tons of TV interviews, performed on BBC Radio One Big Weekend, had her NY promo gig broadcast on the internet and a lot more.

    L-U-V MDNA.
    L-U-V Madonna.
    But they seriously failed in promoting the album.
    Even the GGW strategy was flawed - video came out more than a month they released remixes for it.

    I hope they promote the album during the tour, otherwise, the brilliant MDNA will be her least commercially successful album. And it is too good to become that.

    1. Good thing GMAYL was a big hit! Top 10 here in the US.


    2. It reached the top 10 position. It wasn't a big hit though.

      Madonna has had real HITS that haven't gotten that far up on the charts. GMAYL certainly is NOT a hit.

      Charts are not measurement for HITS any more. Charts, now-a-days serve to measure good marketing promotion and timing. Not music hits.

      GGW hasn't appeared on the top 20 and is much a bigger hit than GMAYL.

      Make an effort to understand this notion, Tonyta, you will get there...

  3. Also, what people seem to forget is that touring is THE #1 way an album is promoted. Madonna, no doubt, will sell plenty more albums between Thursday and the end of the year when her MDNA tour winds down.

    I can't speak for everyone, but personally, I will be listening to MDNA for many many years to come because it's a great album, not because of how many copies it did or didn't sell in the U.S.

    If any of the haters out there are that concerned about U.S. album sales, then go buy that tired Adele "21" album or Justin Beiber's new album or better yet, buy that ridiculous Lionel Richie album where he and other artists sing country versions of his old hits. Have fun listening to that! Yuck.

    1. Unfortunately, this isnt true. touring doesnt promote an album. Her albums never see an increase after a tour.

      The people who are at her shows already own the CD, especially since they got a copy after buying tickets for the show lol

    2. Tony, it seems you don't know that, but the CD bundling was only in North America. Meaning: people who have bought tickets for Madonna's tour outside the US will have to buy the album separately.

      What people don't know (or are too lazy to research) is that Madonna's albums worldwide are usually great, with 60%-70% of sales coming from Europe - where she usually promotes heavily (remember all the TV promo in Europe her last albums got, except MDNA).

      What is SCARY is that with MDNA, about 50% of the worldwide sales of the album came from the US (market that has ignored Madonna in many years). Meaning: the lack of promotion hurt the sales of MDNA badly.

      Having made this observation (the CD/Ticket bundling is ONLY in North America), it seems we agree on one thing: Madonna's albums do not get considerably pushed ahead after her tours started. Without TV promotion, we will have MDNA being Madonna's weakest album in sales - which is sad, because the album IS great.

      @shle896, I think you're mistaken. Touring is the #1 revenue for an artist and a record label. Not the "#1 way an album is promoted". The #1 way an album is promoted is through TV and radio, which Madonna did not do in the US - except for GMAYL - which received radio promo on the Super Bowl weekend.

  4. Amen to all of the above, Pud!

  5. I have to add, that I think it's obvious M is moving with the times. Some of her fans are not. It's not 1990 anymore. Everything has changed. This obsession with sales and chart figures needs to end as it will only lead to more disappointment.

    M will always be commercially successful but in varying degrees. She has sold MILLIONS of records over the last 30 years and had DOZENS of number 1s. Does she still need to prove anything? I grew up in the 80s, the decade of the 'megastar' and still follow many of the artists from that era (Prince, Depeche Mode) today. They are still big names, sell lots of records and fill stadiums around the world. Have they had a number 1 recently? No. But it doesn't matter. Their work speaks for itself.

    We're looking at a woman who has carved out a 30 year career in the music industry. I just wish more of her fans would be grateful that she is still going and pushing the boundaries, challenging both herself and her audience. MDNA is a success as it is a great album. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. What I never understand is that it is HER career. She's done the promotional juggernaut for decades, so what if she is happy to just release the record and tour it? She's entitled. I want to enjoy her music, not have bragging rights that she's number 1 and fight with other fans on internet chat boards.

    Clearly finishing the movie went on longer than expected, and she wanted to get a record out and do a proper tour that started in summer when the kids aren't in school and things got crunched. Prepping for travelling the US and doing promo shows takes time. Of course I would have liked to see her perform the singles live but I'll survive!

    Her movie is beautiful and the album is one of her best - people are really upset she's not on American Idol or Letterman? The tour will be on her terms and, from the pictures we've seen so far, clearly stunning.

    I only wish I could see opening night!

  7. it was #1. there's nothing else 2 say.

    & it's nothing new 2 say that her latest "stuff" isn't a hit. gets kinda' tired. like a broken record. while she's setting them.

  8. She can do what she wants. She's Madonna.

  9. Nothing to see her folks. The album was called MDNA but should've been called FAIL.

    1. That's remarkable insight you possess, Pudiz Nuts. Perhaps you should start your own blog. It will surely be as fascinating as your articulate and purposeful comments on Scrapbook.

    2. MDNA #15 WORLDWIDE two months after it's release = WIN.

    3. Of course its a win. #1 in many countries including the US and thats without the flavor of the moment, Lady Gaga 99 cent type sales on Amazon.

      you had to buy $400 concert tickets to get a 'free copy'.

      Top 10 hit on the US Hot 100 (GMAYL).

      I'd say it's a win win. :)

  10. I love Madonna with all my heart but I also have an opinion, and it is obvious that MDNA was a huge ass flop. Both artistically and commercially. Do you think that Madonna doesn't care about promotion? When Madonna does something and she LIKES it she wants everyone to know about it, she loves to promote. If you think that she didn't promote MDNA because she didn't think it was important then you are an imbecile who doesn't know shit about Madonna.

    Madonna didn't promote MDNA because she knew it was fucking bad and she knew it was a waste of time and she's right. The record sucks.

    It's funny because she obviously worked with William Orbit in hopes of coming up with an album as great as Ray of Light. She didn't count on the fact that Orbit stayed behind in the 90's. What they came up with where the worst songs on the whole album, and she knew it that's why 90% of what they came up with was left on the cutting room floor. 90%. Orbit's words, not mine.

    This was the LOW POINT of Madonna's singing career, even worse than Hard Candy and I am ELATED that MDNA IS OVER. O-V-E-R.

    Yes we have the tour coming up which I am SO EXCITED because it will be the first time I will get to see Madonna LIVE and I can't wait, but the album as a project is beyond over and I'm happy about it. As Madonna would say, NEXT!!!

    1. Yes, NEXT! Time to go to Lady Gaga.

      If you don't think MDNA is a good album, then you are not a fan. MDNA is a mix of everything Madonna has done through her career. There are a ton of highlights.

      This album ranks just above ROL as one of her best.


      Im sorry if you cant deal with it or accept it. The album was a huge hit. Top 10 hit on the US Hot 100 with GMAYL, two great videos, sold out tour, #1 album in many countries.

      Yes, she is over. Yes, huge fail.

      hahaha. Poor Ramona (paws up!) :)

    2. lol a huge hit??? die.

    3. yes, gaga fan. top 10 in the US is a huge hit.


    4. Why Ramon would she bother performing most of the album on this tour if she thinks it's a piece of shit?

  11. And to the people saying that chart numbers don't matter, they are right. American Life debuted at #1 on Billboard and it didn't stop the album from becoming Madonna's LOWEST SELLING ALBUM and a huge commercial flop, an undesirable and insulting distinction that MDNA is certain to surpass and take for its own.

    At least Madonna was 100% behind American Life, it IS a good album, it can't be denied.

    MDNA on the other hand, well not even Madonna herself cared about it and it SHOWS DAMN IT, how can some fans say that that album is good?? it has TWO GOOD SONGS ON IT. TWO!!! and that's it.

    1. Uh, but it can and WILL be denied. American Life is a stinky album. It's terrible. Almost as cold and void of all emotion as, 'Music'.

      Where was a hit? Not even a top 10. DAD was the only good song and that was made for the James Bond movie.

      Nobody remembers American Life, not even Madonna. LOL!

      None of the songs are in her new tour. The album was made in an hour. It's awful.

      MDNA shits all over American Life.

    2. The album has only been out for less than two months. Maybe you need to reconsider your perspective on sales. What a bizarre perspective. You need to stop following media soundbites. They have it in for her and so you have a choice to either consider the facts or adhere to opinions...Other people's opinions...That is the antithesis of what a person who truly appreciates Madonna would do.

    3. Also @ Tony...I love your comments, but the last time I checked Nobody Knows Me was on American Life and so I have to beg to differ.

    4. Its an interlude and u are correct. I hate that song, though :)

    5. @tony...
      u're absolutely right.
      MDNA is great & high up among my all time faves.
      fact is, these also include American Life!

      u're absolutely wrong thinking Madonna does not care about that record.

      check this at 01:58

    6. I never said she didn't care. I'm saying she doesn't consider the album a must as far as performances go.

      I agree with her.

  12. I don't need a reminder. I love MDNA. Great record. I can't think of any other artist who could record a song like 'Love Spent' ... sheer genius!

    1. Could not have said it better. MDNA is amazing!

  13. And Ramona:

    Please find all these positive quotes about American Life like these ones for MDNA.

    Thanks! :)

  14. Is there a way to block that Tony scumbag? Pud?

    1. How about deleting and banning you? you are negative nancy. Always bitching and complaining and telling people to die. You are worse then a Lady Gaga fan.

      And that's saying something. :(

  15. You betcha, Pud because MDNA is not only one of Madonna's best records but also one of the best Rock Records of the 21st Century! MDNA is too good and brilliant to be forgotten! In a strange way, the public en masse are missing out-it's their loss, not Madonna's! She worked her backside off and put her heart and soul into that record!-MDNA is Madonna's alone because her work ethic is to die for-For Once, the Rock Critics have got it right this time-they'll always Justify Her Love because on MDNA, Madonna Has Risked Her Life for Art and Brilliance. Speaking of Michigan, MDNA is the Feminist counterpart to Bob Seger's Coming of age Classic Rock Flick Night Moves-Both Albums should be turned into a movie!

  16. I love MDNA, it's a brilliant record. My only complaints about it are Give Me All Your Luvin' and Girl Gone Wild - in my opinion two of the worst things Madonna has ever recorded. Those two tracks aside I think the album is brilliant. I love how varied it is, I love that you can dance and then have your heart strings pulled.

    I really couldn't give a flying poo if she wrote all the lyrics, some of the lyrics, one line or one word, it makes no difference to me because it doesn't take away my enjoyment of a great album.

  17. Girl Gone Wild is insanely catchy and pure Madonna. It's fantastic!

    Give Me All Your Luvin was clearly something suited for the SuperBowl and worked very well live with the cheering, etc.

    Not a great track, but not bad, either. Especially not bad with that great video we got!