Saturday, May 19, 2012

#Madonna 1985 Herb Ritts Hawaii Outtakes

All-time favorite Madonna photo shoot.


  1. I wonder if she ever looks back at these photos and thinks "I was so hot"
    Love this... that year, that era, the look, the style, the hair, the attitude, Susan, Penthouse, playboy, angel, into the groove, dress you up, gambler, virgin tour, live aid, Sean Penn,

  2. I have that second shot.I bought a book in 1985,with pics from this photoshoot.Don't know if I have it somewhere.I should check my boxes..
    the first one is basic-icon-vintage-Madonna.

  3. Love her boobs in the first shot.

  4. @Stroodlewade - Hahahahaha I love your comment! As soon as saw these photos, I said "Wow, Madonna is SO hot!"

  5. She's so alive and loving the attention. Beside RS I have so many examples of this shoot in my '85 scrapbooks. The pics were used a lot in UK pop mags around the time of Live Aid and Virgin Tour. One of my favourite spreads was used to illustrate the words for 'Angel'. The central pic is of her pouting and holding the camera at arms length! They also used the leopard pattern swimsuit shot! Truly iconic.

    1. LOVE this shoot! I remember both of these outtakes being used in other magazines though. I believe Star Hits/Smash Hits used the swimming pool shot. I would have to dig through boxes to find that, but I'm pretty sure. Lovely to see again!