Friday, May 25, 2012

#Madonna #MDNA Rehearsal Photos with Costume and Sets


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  1. Look Amazing! Can't wait for May 31st!

  2. That shot with the cross... just amazing. This is gonna be good!!!

  3. OMG this is so good! I am glad she is using sets instead of just projections. It all seems very BA to me and I LOVE her hair! So good!

    1. YES!

      Looks very theatrical like her only really true theatrical show: BA.

  4. This is beyond expectations.

  5. It reminds me more of DWT - which is my favorite.

    I love the darkness of it all.

    And it seems to me these are pictures of the first set ONLY.

    I'm so happy with it.


    1. lol this looks NOTHING like DWT. DWT was boring and uninteresting. This looks theatrical and actually interesting.

      More BA then anything.

      DWT? LOL!

    2. Sorry Tonyta, I'm talking about things simple-minded people like you don't understand.

      I doubt anyone with half a brain would disagree that the tone of those pictures are OBSCURE, NOIR, DARK, just as the DROWNED WORLD TOUR was. Note that I said "I love the darkness of it all".

      Not to mention that the DWT also dealt with a violent theme. You should check the "rape" scene in Candy Perfume Girl, the gas masks, the shotgun...

      Yeah... DWT has a lot in common with these pictures of the MDNA Tour.

      Anyone with an actual working brain disagree?

      No. Not you, Tonyta. You were dismissed 30 minutes ago.

    3. Don't bother responding to me, it's a wasted effort. The man's a delusional mess.

      I agree. The shows's LTF (look/tone/feel) reminds me of DWT. Refreshing to see Madonna actually putting effort into creating an atmosphere again with her show. A WELCOME change from the cheap-ish-ness and emptiness of S&S.

    4. What's refreshing is that this all looks fantastic and enjoyable. The DWT was awful and most people leaving the concert said the same thing. Should have seen the show in Los Angeles 3 times like I did. Everyone was complaining afterwards. It was embarrassing.

      I love dark themes, etc, but DWT was not dark in the slightest. Dark in a bad way, not dark in an amazing way that these pics show.

      So, shut the fuck up with your 'OMG THIS LOOKS LIKE DWT BECAUSE I SEE GAS MASKS OMG OMG OMG'.

      Like omg, shut the fuck up and get real.

      DWT is unbearable to watch on DVD. Stop lying to yourselves.

  6. Kill Bill meets The Exorcist = Heaven!!!

  7. I can't WAIT to see this show!

  8. i love it when she kicks ass! Like in DWT.

    1. DWT sucked. Why are people comparing this to the DWT? This looks great and theatrical, unlike DWT which was just boring.

      So odd.

    2. Tonyta, you wanna know what is boring? Your comments here.

      You see, like "I" said, the DWT is "MY" favorite. You already said it's "boring" - for "you".

      You don't have to repeat it over and over every time someone discloses their opinions on M's tours.

      You are just an unpleasant loser who thinks your opinion means anything to us personally:

      How many times will you say the DWT was boring? Do you think you will change people's views on that tour?

      I am glad I like the obscure, dark and unpopular side of Madonna's work, unlike people like you, who only validates the POP-iest part of her work.

      You justify my love for the DWT. It separates the smart and elegant Madonna fans from the cheap pop consumers like you. Thank you.

    3. hear, hear.

    4. lol@anyone genuinely believing Madonna's career has been anything close to the DWT except the DWT.

      The girlie Show and DWT are her most boring tours ever. That's a fact.

      Madonna is a pop star. Her shows are usually fun, enjoyable, light and celebratory.

      I love how the ones who disagree with me hate everything madonna has done since Music. Speaks volumes. lolol.

      PAWS UP! Lolz...

    5. And I LOVE un-popular, dark Madonna. DWT was none of those things. She looked like shit, the setlist was shit, the show was shit.

      END OF.

  9. Got a shiver down my spine looking at these, Our Queen is gonna kill it!!

  10. This looks fantastic!

    Actually dark and theatrical, unlike DWT. This looks more like BA meets the Virgin Tour, dark yet pop. The way a Madonna show should be.

    Can't wait!!!!

    1. "Actually dark and theatrical, unlike DWT."

      The DWT happens to be Madonna's DARKEST show.

      Go figure...

      Tonyta, are you sure you're not a Lady Reductive fan? You surely seem to be on the same intellectual level as those little monsTURDS.

    2. No, DWT happens to be Madonna's most shit show. Shit setlist, shit way she looks, shit show.

      Time to move on, little dumpster.

      And calling ME a lady gaga fan with your username? Oh how nice it must be to hide behind a computer with a fake name and have no madonna connections.

      poor poor thing. :)

  11. Amazing. Reminds me somewhat of the athmosphere of the DWT which is a good thing. DWT is a personal favourite of mine. Anyone who says DWT was a bore needs to go!

  12. OMG looks amazing can't wait for the 7th of july!

  13. I must admit I hope these are not the FULL costumes, she wore very similar to this in the GGW video, love the hair though

  14. Can't get enough!!

    Nothing similar about this compared to the DWT except gas masks. I love dark themes, but DWT wasn't dark themed in a good way, cheap anime, cheap wigs, cheap gun. Awful.

    This looks GREAT.