Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#Madonna Gives Good Face


Madonna performing Vogue at the 1990 MTV Music Awards.


  1. Here for the FACE and the FAN SOUNDS.

    p.s. you know she'd have killed Nikki/Donna if they didn't open their fans at the right time, or HORROR, dropped them.

  2. LOL I always wondered what would have happened or how the audience would have reacted if a fan dropped.

    This performance was truly a 'performance' a pop queen! She definitely set the bar again for the Janet's and the Paula's at the time. I really wish she would go to this extent for her performance (on awards shows, talk shows ect) in her career now. I think the last tome she really blew me a ways was 'Nothing Really Matters' at the Grammys in 99 and before that 'Bedtime Story' at the BRITS in 95. Oh and 'Hung Up' in 05 for the MTV awards.

    Anyways, can't wait to see her in September in the 'fascist state of Toronto'.

    1. I love how you throw out not so subtle digs then add a subtle, somewhat positive comment.

      Annoying as fuck.

      Enjoying that Born This Way Ball? ;)

  3. Vogue-a Brilliant Madonna Dance That Will Live Forever and a happy, friendly Ciccone/Peron/Simpson Smile that flashed around the world. Her Happiest Artwork!