Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Smash His Camera' by Ron Galella

Favorite #Madonna Paparazzi Photo of All-Time by Ron Galella 1986

If you haven't already seen the documentary about the wonderful Superstar Paparazzo Ron Galella, Smash His Camera, do yourself a favor.  Watch the trailer.

Here's a great interview with Galella On The Scene:


  1. There you are.... You was missed Pud

    1. Then comment on the story! hehe

    2. Comment on what ???? The way he obviously made these peoples lives a misery by hounding and chasing them down ? Don't you remember how Princess Diana was killed ? I'm surprised Madonna's still here today after the way the press and photographers used to hunt and chase after her during the 80s and 90s, I'm sure its still like that today too, It does make history and the photos are there to prove it but at what cost ?

  2. I would have ridden Sean so hard for at least 5 minutes back then.

    He was so hot and manly.