Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#Madonna is Back on American Soil


She's back but before she landed, the quintessential asset to the Madonna Community - the One and Only Jamesy from wove together an incredible piece of art while Madonna was in Dublin. 

Feel the Love.


  1. I will be there at yankee stadium :)

  2. I was at the Dublin Show and apart from the rain it was an amazing night.

    During Revolver the rain really came down and when she tumbles over on her head after she got back up the face she pulled was saying WTF I cannot believe i'm doing this.

    Some people thought she would stop the show but I knew she would carry on. She is the Queen.

  3. that was phenomenal and she is fucking amazing.

    that's all.

  4. Thank you Jamesy for more incredible Madonna footage!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments!

    Just for the record, I *adored* the Dublin show more than I ever thought possible. And I was soaking wet with rain for hours on end.

    Filming and at the same time trying to shelter my camera with the plastic poncho I was wearing and honestly wondering at regular intervals why the rain never seemed to want to stop (I live in Ireland and I know about rain - but this was mental!!!).

    Madonna amazed me that she put on this incredible show in such heavy persistent rain. Most people would have cancelled.

    1. That's awesome.

      What did you think of the show?
      Is it up there with Blond Ambition and Confessions? Or more like Drowned World and Girlie Show?

      What would you rank it out of all the tours?

    2. It's difficult for me to be objective I think. I do change my mind a lot once time has passed lol!

      U know I'm one of these fans who prefers the early stuff. So for me, WTG, VT, BA & GS will always rank as my top tours. I kinda see everything from DWT onwards as "post-MADONNA" stuff lol!

      Out of everything in that 2nd era - I think this is the best. I like it WAY more than S&S (even at the time I was not taken with that show except for a few parts).

      And yeah right now I would say it's better, more beautiful, more enthralling and captivating than DWT, RiT or CT.

      When I think about this show I can't find ONE single number in it that I really don't like. I can't say that about any of those other shows.

      Everyone's got their own feelings on all this - but especially LIVE, I can't imagine any fan not being impressed by the MDNA concert. :-)

    3. Oh and I really hope someone like Jonas Ackerlund is charged with capturing this show on film.

      I would worry that the DVD will NOT do it justice. I feel very strongly that the S&S DVD is a very bad representation of that show whereas the CT DVD I think is even better than when I saw the show in the flesh.

      When I watch the Olympia video I feel it really doesn't do those numbers in the show justice and then I think it's gonna take a real expert to do this properly.

      Interesting also on this tour - the live venue-screen filming is WAY stripped down compared to all her other tours. I think maybe only 3 cameras are used - and for many songs just ONE camera angle throughout. Never can I remember this being the case. Works perfectly for the audience however.

    4. Awesome, thanks for the breakdown.

      Btw, I actually enjoyed ‘Sticky and Sweet’. I felt that 'Hard Candy' had some really good songs for a concert and for great for choreography. Even though she got lazy with 'La Isla Bonita' and 'Ray Of Light'.

      Anyways, I'm looking forward for my MDNA experience!

  6. Well, I agree that the early Madonna tours like TVT, WTG and BA are classic, but I strongly disagree with adding TGS. She looked horrible as an aging dyke and it looked more like a Vegas show then an actual concert. I mean that performance of, 'Vogue'?


    And DWT was terrible as well. BA was classic because she only had hits, so of course it was like a greatest hits tour. She didn't have any non-hits lol.

    1. Blonde Ambition translated to film better than any other and was ground breaking on every level. I think the Girlie Show would have been awesome live but I didn't get to see it (and I liked the dyke hair cut). ReInvention was incredible live and she did the hits everyone loved. Confessions was great thematically and visually but it wasn't for everyone. Drown World was just drowned. S&S was Silly and Stupid. Virgin Tour will always be bare bones classic hard core and Who's That Girl was the momentum builder for Blonde Ambition. The ranking should go like this:

      1. Blonde Ambition World Tour '90
      2. The Virgin Tour
      3. The Girlie Show
      4. The ReInvention Tour
      5. The Confessions Tour
      6. Who's That Girl Tour
      7. The MDNA Tour
      8. Drowned World Tour
      9. Silly & Stupid Tour

      And that's that.

    2. And that's that? For you maybe Lager, but not for all fans. You are the end all and be all of Madonna tour critiques? I think a more proper reply would be that it is your opinion. I agree with some of what you say, but disagree with other. And that's that for myself and other fans.

    3. @tony you can always be counted on for the most idiotic, imbecile remarks.

    4. Or you, Ramona. Glad to see you back! ;)

      And The Girlie Show would be down near Drowned World for me and it was the first time I saw her live. I had fun there in person, but it just didn't film well.

      TGS was a vegas revue. Awful for me, except Rain. It was just too Vegasy for my tastes.

      BA was a greatest hits tour, again, because all she had was hits then.

    5. As usual Tony, the true meaning of Madonna's work and her impact on culture and society goes right over your head.

      Blond Ambition was NOT a greatest hits tour because 70% of the songs she performed were NEW SONGS, it was a very in the now tour, it now seems like a greatest hits because those became her biggest hits but they were the new songs at the time but of course you are too daft to understand that.

      The Girlie Show is one of her best tours, it was A MAMMOTH production, groundbreaking in its scale, never had a live show been put together like that, and for years it remained the biggest stage production in the world. It wasn't until The Drowned World Tour that The Girlie Show was surpassed, another groundbreaking tour.

      Good luck finding a vegas revue that has the artistic, technological and musical level of the Girlie Show, again you're too daft to know the difference.

      As I said above Drowned World tour was another groundbreaking show for its artistic themes, and technical innovations.

      If Blond Ambition set the tone for every live show of the 90's, then The Drowned World equally set the tone, artistically and technologically for the Millennium and onwards, and it remains unsurpassed today.

      It's a shame that you saw those shows and all you did was take up space because you sure as hell had no idea the greatness that you were seeing.

      Let me guess, you think her best show is Re-Invention?? Sticky and Sweet?? lol, fucking idiot.

    6. Jesus..... you boys are so serious

    7. Jesus..... you boys are so serious

    8. I know, stroodle, right? Just ignore Ramona. Most of us usually do :)

    9. oh and to feed into ramona. I bet you think Ray of Light is her best album, right?

      lol fucking dirty, used douche with curdled blood clots.

    10. are you describing your mother?

    11. My mother is dead.

      I am describing the way your overweight body looks when walking down a street. ;)

    12. I'm not overweight though. I'm 1 80 and weigh 140 lbs.

    13. lol. right.

      Waddles along, Ramona. Waddle along...

  7. Love you Madonna-You are an Amazing and Incredible Live Performer-a work of art!-RB

  8. I think for most of us over 30 year olds, We all love the first three tours as they were the videos we'd all watched growing up, they will always have a place in our hearts as they all hold different memory's for each and every one of us, I gotta say i've never really watched the other tours on DVD much, Visually i thought the confessions tour was her best show since blond ambition, I could watch that DVD forever,

    This tour has been her most promoted tour ever, its everywhere in the UK papers, magazines, news, whether good or bad the attention MDNA is getting has been phenomenal and you can bet a million quid Madonna herself is loving every single bit of it,

  9. Having not seen the MDNA tour live yet, I won't add it to the list. My Personal favorites are...

    Blond Ambition
    Who's that girl (just because it was my first time)
    Sticky and Sweet
    Drowned World

  10. I loved Re-Invention in person, but on DVD, or whatever the show we got that leaked, it didn't come across all that great. Still fun seeing her perform classics like Crazy for You and Papa.

    Id rank these as my faves, not really her BEST tours, just my personal favs that I enjoy watching over and over:

    Who's That Girl
    Tie between Drowned and Girlie. Both have some great moments, but both have a ton of SHITE moments.