Monday, October 22, 2012

#Madonna Ellen Preview with Son Rocco


Love this! Can't Wait.


  1. She looks amazing. Rocco is so coo. GREAT MDNA promotion! Love it. Ellen is so fun!

  2. How adorably perfect is THIS!?

  3. I love it! You can tell she loves being a mother. Her face is beaming when Rocco is out with her.

    And you can see Alessandro and Jerry in the audience together. Fantastic!!!

  4. Looks fun! Love seeing Madonna and Rocco have a good time together. And LUV Ellen as well!

  5. I can't stand Ellen, Rosie did this all first, but Madonna does look happy and relaxed with her, so should be a good interview.

  6. ellen: is madonna a strict mother?
    rocco: uuuhhh-mmmmmmm

    did she perform, or is she just wearing that to be interviewed? wierd

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    1. And she looks effing amazing.

      One does thing it is far too late for any of this promotion but she is having a blast.

      And agree with the comments about her LOVE being a mother. Her face... her smile... her children are her world.

      If there's one thing MDNA has done, it's revealed... more shades of M, in a sense. I enjoy watching her evolve as an artist. MDNA still gets some seroius rotation.