Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Finally Found It! #IrisChacon - Cha - The Song From #Madonna's Desperately Seeking Susan!

I've been on a search for this Iris Chacon song since 1985!  It's from the scene in Desperately Seeking Susan where Roberta is running from Nolan and she arrives in some warehouse and the security dude is watching Iris Chacon.

There's Nothing like the Tropic, cause the Tropical is Hot

It's always hot, Your body's hot, You're always hot, Your body's hot, You're Always Hot, Oh, So Hot.



  1. i love her!!! was she inspiration for " El spectacular de MARIKA?"

  2. Only a nutjob like u would be waiting your whole life to hear this trash Pudnut.

  3. wow this is crazy! I can't believe you found this. We used to watch her at home in Puerto Rico. This woman has incredible Sex appeal. Great body, confidence and talent. Never had to do a sex tape to become famous!

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You are the King, Pud! But yes, that was a weird obsession for you. I just assumed the artist/song was made up for the movie. So weird it's actually real!!! LOL

    1. no, it was always iris. not a nobody. xo

  5. Amazing! I too have looked for this. Thank you for posting!!!

  6. Ha! Odd funny reference! Funny how that stood out in my mind from that movie. Very funny!

  7. Imma check see if it's on iTunes... I LOVE it! Very campy...

  8. OMG! I gotz to admit that I'm totally and utterly impressed. I remember watching Iris when I was a kid. I never forgot the opening theme song. I used to stick toilet paper in my underwear to make a grass skirt and try to shake my skinny little butt like her when no one could see me. And yeah, that scene in the movie stood out for me also for some weird reason. Thanks! I really enjoyed this.


  9. I Remember this Part of the Movie , My brother and I would Laugh our Ass Off when this Part came on. I was wonder who she was. Funny. thanks for Posting.