Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#Madonna The Immaculate Collection - This Album is Dedicated to #ThePope, My Divine Inspiration.

Listen to Madonna's The Immaculate Collection here:


  1. I remember purchasing this at some record store on Sunset and La Brea. Madonna was everywhere. That's all there was, Madonna. We all wore our dark blue bomber jackets and hoodies underneath. Kids today have no idea how unbelievably massive she was.

  2. Immaculate is where Madonna became a Brillian Queen Dancer, Rocker and Balladeer all at once often within the same song. She has doe the happy/sad balancing act-Pure Raw Emotion.

    Key Song-Live to Tell.

  3. Fight the Real Enemy!

    Bought the cassette from Trax the day it came out and got the Box set for Christmas that year! Hated the fact that they rearranged some of the songs, especially Into the Groove. Still can't stand that remix.

  4. This album was a testament to all her work, artistry, and vision. And it gave us a glimpse of what was to come by adding Justify My Love.

  5. Was this dedicated to THE Pope or her brother Christopher 'The Pope' Ciccone?

  6. Great collection of songs, unfortunately most are chopped up or awfully remixed.

    Still have very vivid memories of getting this cassette for Christmas in 1990.

    1. Forgot to add that they should have included the #1 single, 'Who's That Girl'.