Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blond Ambition Tour Video Rehearsal Footage, Like a Virgin, Oh Father & Keep It Together

More fantastic footage from the Vincent Paterson documentary, The Man Behind the Throne.

"This tour, this was the first time really, that anything like this ever had happened.  With these types of major sets, with the star dancing and singing as much as she did.  The whole crucifix and dancing with all the guys that were dressed up as priests.  Every number was a dance.  She was so fit, she danced, hard, hard.  It was insane.  This tour really pushed her over the top.  It was Madonna.  There was nobody else." - Vince Paterson


  1. So fucking cool! I only have one gripe and that is that he states that Madonna was not yet the "Queen". She already had that status in my opinion before BA.

    1. i agree trey - and if she had not already accomplished that by Who's That Girl Tour when she eclipsed Jackson and Prince, then Blond Ambition certainly solidified it. xo

  2. I think BA just took her to a whole other level as a performer and superstar.

  3. The performance of Oh Father is sad, amazing and incredible. Count Blonde Ambition as the beginning of "A Victim of a Kind of Rage!"