Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vive La France! Madonna Celebrates Her 55th Birthday in France


  1. She looks great and Lourdes looks gorgeous!

  2. She is brilliant! Her Top Fivers on her birthday

    1. Something to Remember
    2. Live to Tell
    3. Masterpiece
    4. Like a Prayer
    5. Ray of Light


    Happy Birthday Madonna!!

  3. Happiest Birthday EVER Madonna! You are beyond.

  4. Is that Lady GaGa WTH HER??


    Another birthday, another year to endure that plump and huge face with manly legs. But we've already get used to see her fooling around like BobSponge, haven't we?
    So she's been in France... AGAIN. La Nonna has turned to France in recent years because it's the only country that pays a little attention to her terminated career. I guess moving to Paris is her her career move. Well, that's way better than Las Vegas, isn't it?
    I've been appalled by recent pictures of her. I feel sorry for her when I see her wearing those grillz. Riiing Riiing! Hello Nonna? Just to tell you you're 55. Now people stopped laughing at her attemps at being trendy: now they feel sorry. Advice 1: Act your age, Nonna and stop being so pathetic; advice 2: quit that shit Kablahblah that's ruining your life; advice 3: get rid of asshole Oseary and bring Freddie de Mann back; advice 4: stop adopting niggas and drop that Malawi shit for good (titless Angelina did it all first); advice 5: stop delivering those BORING messianic messages (nobody crowned you Saviour of the World and we don't want you to be) and advice 6: get those dreadful fillers off your face and change your haircut. I'd add a 7th advice if I may: get rid off those hideous outfits you seem to prefer for off-camera life: iranian foulards, black trousers, hats, fingerless gloves, etc (we've been seeing you wear this shit from 2007 onwards).
    By the way, her fat daughter already looks like a whore (like mom, like daughter)and her ugly son (boy is he ugly!)is to launch a music career (?????)OMG! Do we have yet to endure this?
    Now I'll have to read la Tony's comments about me being nasty "everytime la Nonna does something great", or so goes the stupidity she said some time ago.

  6. Puddie, don't be such a bitch and don't delete my comment. As Nonna says, I'm expressing myself.
    Kiss & hugs for all Nonna's fandom

  7. Wait, didn't Madonna, the one who doesn't have a fan base anymore apparently, top the Forbes list this year and also have the #1 grossing tour in the world? Oh and wouldn't Madonna be the same artist who, just over a year ago, set a record as the most watched half-time at the Superbowl that even a year later, Beyonce, HUGE GLOBAL SUPERSTAR, couldnt even surpass?

    Oh, yeah, that's right. jejejejejejajajajaja.

    Madonna has been over since 1982.